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Planet Fitness / members and owners of planet fitness

1 United States Review updated: a planet fitness employee, I have enjoyed reading all of the complaints. The sad part is most all of the complaints are coming from people who, #1 Don't have a clue what they are signing, #2 Expect country club experiences from the "walmart" of gyms, and #3 apparently don't realize that most Planet Fitnesses are owned by money hungry individuals that attend the country clubs (oh btw...they don't care what you want or complain about, it all comes down to their piggybank).

So here is my complaint...we need customers who can READ the agreement and COMPREHEND its complete meaning.

We need customers who realize that they are only paying $10/$20 per month...noting, you get what you pay for.

We need customers who treat staff and fellow PF members like human beings, not their own personal doormats. (hell, their doormats probably get even a smidge more kindness than they give PF staff)
We need this "judgement free" non intimidation zone to include staff as well. It's amazing how customers and managers are allowed to judge and reek havic on the/their staff.

Furthermore, we need better management for each PF, so the rules aren't just something you have to enforce because corporate says so. (Oh, and only certain clubs enforce them)...However, when PF staff enforces rules, customers who curse, scream, assign blame, and treat staff like unwanted sewer trash are given "a second chance", because that's only right...(I assume that's whats right for the owner's pocketbook!!!)

In short, if you don't like to honor legal agreements, feel like paying for a cheap gym, where you can complain as much as you would like, treat staff like ###, have them blow your nose and wipe your butt for you, and give to the greedy...PLANET FITNESS IS FOR YOU!!
oh, and if you've read this far and you are a member, you deserve to know that if you complained of financial hardship or distress in paying your rate guarentee fee this would have been refunded to you per corporate instruction...sorry all you suckers who got stuck paying it. The patron next to you might have gotten a pass...HA. HA. HA.

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  • Vi
      17th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    lol yeah stupid customers, next time just ### slap some sense into them lmao

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