Planet Fitness / payment issues

South Africa

To whom it may concern:
I bought over a contract of a lady which expires in 2011, I did this at the Planet Fitness branch at Douglasedale branch, Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. (I paid transfer costs of about R300)
The in 2008 they started deducting money from my account, which I did not give permission for them to do, I went to see the Branch, after 3 months still I get no feedback, I go back make a scene, see the branch manager, the money is paid back into my account.
Then after a few months in 2009 the same thing happens and I go through the same trouble and I received some payments back, I do understand that I need to pay a small yearly fee.
Now a few months in a row the same thing is happening again.
Can someone please sort out this issue once and for all and pay the money back into My Account.


Planet Fitness

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