Pizza Hutcustomer service

J Nov 24, 2017

Today I called to order 2 ultimate cheese pizzas. When we called they said it wasn't available. Well they offered 2 large stuffed crust pizzas instead. When I got to the store, I asked again. How is it possible for you to have a sign outside of your door advertising a pizza that you don't have? The cashier said that they didn't have it available at the moment. I asked how come? His answered shocked me. It is 7:16 pm on Friday night. And he said that they ran out of ingredients. How is that even possible? Really disappointed at this store and the customer service I've received here several times already. I am a regular customer and this has pushed me away completely. I would never recommend this store to anyone! Brian was so rude in answering like I should've known the answer. Disrespectful beyond words. I worked customer service and that would've not been acceptable at my job.

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