Pizza Hut / 3 medium pizzas

I called to order 50 min. Before closing, the manager said. This is not the first time that they don't have pan crust, but they said they would fix it they fixed it by giving me hand tossed with out the butter garlic sauce, it was so dry couldn't eat it. So I called to bring it in and they said take a picture of the crust don't bring the pizza in. Try to get order they tell me a supervisor has to do it I called everyday for over a week with them telling me supervisor is not in they would have the person call me which never did so the manager finally said they could only replace 1 .walker pizza hut is the worst and the managers don't handle anything. Then they charged me for the pan crust that I didn't get. Why do they run out of crust daily

Pizza Hut

Jun 05, 2018

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