Pick N Pay - Canal Walk / had my human rights violated & was banned for defending myself

South Africa

We have Rights and to have Rude Uncouth Managers violate our Rights we must stand up Together! Imagine Marwaan, the Store Manager, said I'm no longer Welcome in his Store(IS IT Because I'm INDIAN?)- All I did was stand up 4 my rights- he was so COLD! Gulwinaaz made harsh statements to me to which I had to defend myself! Need a reason as to why a Pick n Pay employee Squashed the barcode in front of me- is that good business practice? The next Day I was banned from the Store by Marwaan who wasn't even present during the incident!So Guys if you want to be insulted and treated like crap then Please Visit the Canal Walk Store! You too might be banned or Not Welcome for Standing up for your Rights! The saying goes if you can't handle the heat Get out of the Kitchen! Marwaan if your store can't Handle the ScaMright policy Remove IT! We to have our consumer rights so if Pick n Pay doesn't want our business, don't value us! Then why support Canal Walk! I was shocked when the Pick n Pay employee squashed the barcode not to honour promises and Managers are Rude & Arrogant! Can't believe in a democratic country when a Person defends himself when he's being defamed He gets Banned! That's what happened to me in Pick n Pay Canal Walk! Remember HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 21 March!

Mar 18, 2013

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