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I am tired of the continuos bad service from the staff at the Carlton Centre branch in JHB CBD. For over a year I have stomached bad attitudes and rude behaviour from the staff. The cashiers hardly ever greet my husband and I. There is never thank you said. On Sunday I forced myself to shop there for odd things. I prepared myself for the bad service but this was the worst. The cashier was servicing an elderly man before me and when he had to pay, she took the notes from him and when she saw what she claims to be an ink stained note (which it was note, I work for a bank and can confirm that it was not) she through the notes onto the counter rudely and refused to take them as payment from the old man. He paid with some coins that he had and left the store. I followed with my groceries and was not looked at or greeted, She rang up my groceries, pointed to the total for me to see. I gave her the money and when she had to give me change it fell on the counter. She looked at me with an evil stare as if I had dropped the money on purpose just for her to pick up.Never again will i set foot in that store. I phoned customer care to complain and still no one called me back.

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  • Ma
      7th of Sep, 2010
    Pick 'n Pay - No hygiene at all
    Pick 'n Pay
    United States

    I was in the store and witnessed the assistant at the salad department preparing salad or food -- she was peeling and cutting up carrots with her bare hands - no gloves?! I was put off buying prepared salad or anything grated from this store.

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  • Bo
      10th of Sep, 2010
    Pick 'n Pay - We all work hard for our money and I've wasted some of mine because of a neglectful or spiteful employee
    Pick 'n Pay
    United States

    I carefully selected half a dozen intact eggs from the shelf - no mean feat as most of the eggs were damaged. When I got home I realised the packer had managed to break half of them somehow without me noticing, obviously while I was paying. Nice one Pick 'n Pay. We all work hard for our money and I've wasted some of mine because of a neglectful or spiteful employee. Either way, I'm out of pocket.

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  • Ad
      17th of Sep, 2010

    This is more of a query! I approached Pick and Pay last year as well, I am looking for your summer draw string pants type fp-96. Why are your colours so limited and your sizes I would really appreciate it if someone could contact me I need a size 14 in Navy, Brown, dark green and black. The fact that these have pockets is an absolute Bonus!
    Would be most grateful if someone would contact me,
    I am writing from Richards Bay.
    Thank you,

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  • 25
      14th of Feb, 2015

    It is a problem with a bad attitudes and rude behavior from staff and is part of the managers job to be able to control it, but
    try to go to checkers /shop write and then you will see in my experience what rude behavior is
    also pay +/- 5-10% more. ..
    good luck part of our nation happiness!!

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