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Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Cheng from Hong Kong. I wrote this email to Royal Philips Electronics all branches at different countries aimed to express a consumer’s strongly disappointment and resentment of Philips (Hong Kong) Customer Services’ backward, unreasonable, non-sense, stubborn and in-flexible service in dealing with product’s defects and complaints.

My product model no.: HD4917 (Induction cooker - HD4917), Repair no.: 902046

1). Why Philips’ product cannot make the refund when the product’s defect cannot be totally repaired and solved permanently???

2). When the product’s defect wasn’t caused by the customer, it was the product’s own problem. Why Philips cannot make the refund or even reject to change and delivery to customer while the product’s defect appeared again and again and again…????

3). Why Philips cannot arrange the returned product be closed to customer’s location in order to compensate the customer’s transportation????

4). When all the above totally cannot help the customer a bit easier, why…why…the customer service officer even said cannot sent an email to inform the customer the details of what to bring along with when collect the returned product???? The customer service hotline manager, Mr. Ng said, “Philips email only for internal use, not for personal use!!!” What’s the point???? What’s that means???? Is that means Philips’s email system cannot be used for contact with customer???? Isn’t that make sense as an international company????

Sometimes ago, I heard some of my friends said about Philips (HK branch) service was terribly worst among same kinds companies in Hong Kong, now I 110% agreed!!! Being a consumer, wasting the product’s usage time, money, transportation and even just returned for Philips’ such kind of reply, I’m surely, I will never buy Philips any kinds of products in my life. I believe, terrible service with be spreading out even farther and farther.

Philips’ manager Mr. Ng said they had all telephone call recorded, I welcome anyone to contact with me if you want to learn more my real case. E-mail: [protected]

Actually, I won’t expect anyone or Philips will contact with me, or say anything to me. But I will tell my case, my resentment and upset to everyone I can reach.

(from Hong Kong)
(852) [protected]
E-mail: [protected]
03 August, 2009

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  • Ve
      4th of May, 2012

    Hope that Philips can provide an explanation or at least apologise...

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  • Ex
      19th of Oct, 2013

    Agree with this customer. Philips in Hong Kong is one of the worst customer care experiences in the world. When their products are faulty they believe the customer needs to sort out the logistics of getting it repaired. Never mind the fact that the faulty product is their responsibility, especially if it is still under warranty. I am only surprised that Philips doesn't suggest their customers try to repair the faulty products themselves. Perhaps this is the advice their customer care representatives will give out in the future? Or maybe Philips will just suggest their customers build their own products seeing as Philips themselves can't really be bothered to do anything. Customer-built products might actually be more durable than the ones Philips offer.

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