Philippine Airlines / online booking mistake extra charge

Manila, United Kingdom

I booked online a return flight for two from Cebu to Caticlan (Boracay), traveling out 5th November and returning 9th November 2017. When the confirmation e-mail came, it had the tickets as returning 5th November (i.e. the same day as we were to fly out). I immediately telephoned your office to request a correction but was charged an extra 3000 pesos to correct the return flight to the 9th.

It is clear that your online website makes it difficult to choose correctly the return flights and it appears not to allow full checking of details before the credit card payment is taken. Full details of the booking are via e-mail AFTER the payment has been made. Why?

It is unfair to charge for such simple errors. There is no justification for charging an extra re-booking fee after such an error has been made. In addition, your website should make it far easier and clear on how to book the correct return flight.

This is the second time I have had to pay PAL extra money because of the inadequacy of the online booking system. Money should not be taken from the credit card until there is a confirmation of flight details step made available.

The booking was made online on 20th October, the correction by phone on 21st October.

Since my wife and I are regular customers, and it was not my mistake concerning the online booking, it would be good customer relations if the 3000 pesos could be refunded.

Eric Adams

Oct 20, 2017

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