Philippine Airlines / I was asking for luggage assistance as I was only 4’11”

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Last Feb 2, 2019 with flight number PR2345 bount to Davao from Cebu, i asked for assistance in putting my small handcarry to the overhead bin storage. He was right infront of me standing and asking for my seat number. I politely asked for his help as i am only 4'11". I had to ask him 3x and he said no. I didnt know if its not allwed to ask him or if its even his job or not. I was just asking for assistance and felt so embarrased with the experience. I think it was pretty rude to decline a request. I have been flying with PAL for so many years. At times I use the same airline from canada directly to the Philippines. It was such a dismay to get a very bad customer service from Ethan. I didnt get his lastname but it was 6pm flght of PAL, PR2345. I hope you can do something with the bad experience and hope more flight attendants are approachable and helpful in every situation.

Feb 2, 2019
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      4th of Apr, 2019

    Ms Speers,

    There is not duty of unknown "HE" or "HIM" to carry on the unckecked baggage of the passenger during the flight.
    Otherwise, this is the duty of the passenger, until she declared herself disabled,
    is to put the hand luggage to the assigned placement of the air carft,
    following the recommendation of the steward (flight attendant).

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters,
    Aryan engineers Ltd

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