Philippine Airlinesdenying boarding pass with a paid e-ticket

On April 25th 2017 My wife on her return flight to the USA was denied her boarding pass as she gave her e-ticket number to PAL{Philippine Air Lines} personnel with Francisco Capistrano as the airport service manager for PAL. My wife was told she had to have a return flight booking confirmation number in order to receive her boarding pass. My wife explained she is on her return flight back to the United States in which that is where she lives now with her husband. She was forced to buy a return ticket in which she did not need. Then when giving her return flight number to the lady at the desk which refused to give her name said she could not again give her boarding pass because she could not bring up my wife's flight because it was not PAL who she booked the flight. The flight was booked with another airline and PAL said they could not confirm the flight because she used another airline which is a lie. the whole time doing all this and arguing with PAL with no customer service at all and PAL denying her paid boarding pass my wife misses her flights. Leaves her with no money, no boarding pass in which it was paid for and left homeless in Manila right in front of PAL so called customer service personnel. Did they care? No not at all. They in plain sight stole my wifes paid ticket, forced her to purchase a return flight in which she did not need like ransom as if they are the Abu Sayyaf forcing ransom to get her boarding pass. Then thank God my wife had a connecting flight with United Airlines. I contacted them and they sent my wife over to terminal one and helped her with all her flights back home. And not once did they ask for a return flight as they could plainly see with her e-ticket she was on her return flight back home from a round trip ticket. What a nightmare!!! Don't worry PAL you have not heard the last of this. STAY AWAY FROM THIS AIRLINE!!! They will rob you in plain sight. They will leave you homeless even though you have a paid ticket to get home. They don't care about you or anyone just look as they do not reply to anyones complaints. And on Facebook all they do is duck dodge and hide from answers regarding your complaints. Just ask us as we are getting ignored of real answers. The Philippines is known around the world as being the most hospitality people in the world and Philippines Airlines is going to ruin this single handedly. SHAME on them.

May 02, 2017

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