Philippine Airlines / delayed flight

Yesterday. My parents are scheduled to arrived in toronto around 19:07 according to their interary. Manila to shanghai then shanghai to toronto. I went to airport to pick them up around 19:00 (excited). I waited for almost 3 hours but no one show up. I aksed airport information but they dont know anthing until my sister called me they stuck in shanghai beacause they missed the flight going to toronto. Then I found out that their flight from manila to shanghai was delayed for 2 hours. The bad thing was, in china, facebook and other social medias or messaging application. Good thing viber works and emails. My dad told me that pal had flight delayed for [censored]ing 2 hours. They missed their flight to toronto. Imagine a 2 70-year old experienced this kind of situation and they have to wait again until they will booked for another flight. Pal, I dont [censored]ing care what was your reason of delay. You me pissed off. We spend a lot time and money because of your [censored] delays.

We will never ever book a flight with you pal anymore.

Aug 04, 2018

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