Philippine Airlinescharged again

Flew back today, checked in online and had seat reservations etc
When we approached the check in area the lady said because we hadn't used our connecting flights there would be a charge of US$150 each ... we explained that we had contacted our travel agent and explained our travel agent in advance .
The lady directed us to another desk to pay, That lady cancelled our flights and said we would have to pay for new tickets and they would be US$1498 each !!!
She said the flight was full but she had 2 seats ( I said yes they are ours you've just cancelled !!)
22nd November Manila to Heathrow under the name Oldale x 2
The irony that the flight had lots of empty seats ..
we had to return home for work so we had to pay this disgusting price which has spoilt our holiday

Philippine Airlines
Philippine Airlines

Nov 22, 2018

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