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To: [protected] Ph
From: kc
Date: 01/04/2009 11:43pm
Subject: serious complaint against one of your flight attendants!

Jan 4, 2008


I would like to make a formal complaint against one of your flight attendants.

Tonight, january 4, we (My friends and i) were in econolight class from bangkok to manila. We were in flight pr 731, seated at seats 76ace and 75hk. Because of some mix up in the seats because of some foreign passengers who requested us to swap seats with them because they wanted to sit together, we took their seats, perhaps creating a bit of confusion on where these fas will stick the no frills sticker. (They usually stick this on the overhead compartment)

Then some fas approached us with the passenger manifest and looked for us. Okay, no problem with that. We told them that the foreign passengers requested to take our seats instead because they were originally seated apart from each other and haven't seen each other for a long time.

A few minutes before food is served, a friend of mine heard this (Woman) flight attendant talking to the rest of the fas while they were back in the galley. (They were the noisiest fas i've encountered who kept on laughing loudly) (The fattest fa there, we didn't get her name but she was the fattest fa on that flight and was being called ma'm by the other fas but i'm sure she's not the flight purser that time because it was a guy's voice we heard on the voice over/announcement). This is what my friend heard:
San ba kasi dapat ilagay yang mga sticker na yan? (No frills sticker) dapat ilagay yan sa mga noo nila!!! (Laughter with the rest of the fa's stationed behind.)

Do we deserve this? It's not because we were just in econolight class, we have to be treated this way. Nakakabastos! Is this how you really treat econolight passengers? Does this really have to come with being an econolighter? This is my 2nd complaint after I emailed another complaint last january 2008 reagarding a flight attendant whom I overheard being rude to a passenger. You can look it up.

Please do make necessary actions to that disgusting flight attendant of yours na walang kasing bastos!

I hope to get a reply from you within one week or else I will cc this email and send it to all online forums I know with airlines and travel topics. I swear to god! My friend only told me this when we were on our way home. If I happened to hear that I swear to god I will slap that woman on her forehead.

Christian ryan n. Castro
Insulted passenger

And this was the reply...

Dear mr. Castro,

Thank you for the email we received apprising of your reported experience with us. At the outset, please accept our regrets for the disappointment you may have felt as a result.

A request for feedback from various offices had been initiated to provide us with the full circumstances of the reported incident. The handling customer management officer will further communicate with you for the resolution of your concerns. Meanwhile, you are assured of our most preferential attention.

Sincerely yours,

Gian carlo d. Layag
Jr. Customer management officer

Customer relations


After that, I haven't heard from them ever!

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  • Cu
      12th of Jul, 2009

    tatanga-tanga pala tung mga flight attendants na ito kung manlilibak rin lang kayo siguradohin nyo lang na walang nakikinig or maybe use another language hahahah

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  • Al
      16th of Jul, 2009

    ako rin ginayan ng pal and yung sinend nia sayo template lang xa

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  • Bi
      14th of Aug, 2009

    I am a frequent traveller and I have a lot of bad encounter to both ground and in-flight staff of PAL. Bottom line is that they tend to discriminate fellow Pinoys and they be likely to kiss _ _ _ to foreigners. I dont even know why they are doing this even if they are not getting anything from their foreign customers. It only makes us Filipinos look dim-witted.

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  • Aa
      27th of Oct, 2009

    As a flight attendant myself for a US carrier, I'm sure everyone encountered rude cabin crew with any airline! There are a few bad apples, but I have to admit...filipinos criticize everything, from filipino restaurants, to filipino markets, and off course, Philippine Airlines! Have you ever flown on a US carrier? I've seen some really rude crews in my career, and they treat foreigners like crap! Maybe the next time you fly PAL, just smile at the crew and be very couteous...don't expect much(which filipinos do) and you'll be may have the best airline experience ever!

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  • Ma
      25th of Mar, 2010

    Yes, the reply PAL sends from their '[protected]' address is a template - I got the same reply (more than one week later) when I emailed a complaint.
    In my case, one male FA spilled hot coffee on my chest during a Tacloban-Manila PR394 flight last March12 2010. I went to the plane’s lavatory and upon removing my shirt, I found that a 3”x5” area of my chest has turned reddish and a patch of my skin - about the size of P5 coin - was actually missing because of the scalding. Needless to say, I was in great pain and all they can offer in-flight is an apology and some towels.
    The manner the male FA served coffee, i.e., he held two cups on one hand while his other hand pours hot coffee from the coffee pot in front of me, plus the fact that he keeps on talking to another steward while doing this, was a disaster waiting to happen.
    By the time we landed, the open wound has become watery and more painful. I asked to be treated to a clinic, because the burning pain on my chest was getting more intense. In the clinic, they applied some ointment and coverred by burns with bandage. Aside from the perfunctory apology and 'we wil investigate this' at the CRO, I didnot get any support or promise to contact me from PAL. The '[protected]' is very much useless. At this point, what happenned that night has become a non-incident to PAL, magkalimutan na lang. Buti na lang I got a copy of the in-flight incident report signed by their purser.
    I know FAs are also under a lot of stress, but this does not justify them from being careless, specially if their actions can cause harm. On their part, PAL should also be responsive to the reported cases like these.

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  • Rb
      17th of Apr, 2010

    The next time you encounter a rude PAL cabin crew, get his/her name and call the PAL In-flight center. I once had a bad encounter with a PAL flight attendant. I was able to get her name and informed my sister (an ex-PAL flight attendant) about the incident. My sister called her batchmate during her cabin crew training who is now a line administrator and voila, the ### got a dose of her own medicine. ;-)

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  • De
      6th of May, 2010

    sad but all the complaints are true and they keep coming in volumes.

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  • Po
      25th of Aug, 2010

    walang alam ang PAL kundi magbigay ng template na ganyan, puro canned notes!

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  • Ag
      23rd of Feb, 2011

    To Whom It May Concern: ! I flew to Honolulu PR 100 last feb.15. one of your flight attendants named Jane Christine S. Lim with ID no.422835 kept passing by our seats. me and my boyfriend. she talked to my bf in a so flirtatious way. she kept asking him if he was comfy, if he needed anything..even told him he looked like piolo pascual...cuz he does! but she never asked me as if i wasn't there! i told her, ëxcuse me, my bf is ok and doesn't need anything"."she replied, " I'm not talking to you."
    she was so bastos and so flirt!!!

    i asked a few flight attendant friends about her and found out that she is a mistress now of a married pilot!!! no wonder she is that flirt! and found out that she is married, too! is that ok with PAL? why does pal tolerate such? please o something about her! talked to my lawyer already on what action to take. she is a disgrace to your airline!

    sincerely yours,

    agatha mae bronx

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  • Pr
      9th of Jun, 2013

    Good day! This is Princess, researcher from Failon Ngayon of ABS-CBN. We are currently working on our episode on flight attendant training, and misbehavior of some flight attendants. We are looking for people who will tell their own bad experience so airlines will also focus on behavior of their flight attendants. For more information, please give me an email at [protected] or give me a call/text at 415-2272 local 5314/ 09179041797.

    We are hoping for your positive response. Thank you very much!

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  • An
      16th of Dec, 2014

    I had my flight earlier... Pr 2993... Ang kakapal tlga ng mga FA akala mo kung sino nakamali lang ako sa seat number .. Over na ang libak ng mga FA sa likod at nagpaparining pa with no class and with attitude problem. Big deal na ata sa kanila ng pag taas ko ng kilay lalo na sa baklang walang breding .Akala mo kung sino... Trabaho nila ang protektahan ang client d man sa lahat ng bagay pero sana naman sa maayos na paraan ... Been trvelling to PAL almost of my travel .. Those cabin crew bound to manila-zamboanga are disgusting walang manners.. Ang kakapal.

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