Philippine Airlines / $400 over charge

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I am trying to reschedule my flight and my ticket specifically says a $200 penalty fee but when I try to reschedule my flight the customer service says they have to upgrade my flight and have to charge me an additional $400 making my total charge $600. BUT the day I want to rebook for is the same price as my original ticket so when I tell them the price is the same, PAL customer service just says they don't have access to the internet price and have to raise my ticket the additional $400 to the higher fare...

If PAL, Philippine Airlines, is going state that there is a $200 penalty fee then they should honor that price if the changed date is available at the same price as the original ticket. But for them to force you into a higher fair simply because they don't enable you to change your flight on the internet is completely incompetent, dishonest, and bad business.

I will definitely be calling my credit card company to dispute the additional charges and possibly try to get a full refund.

And after this I don't know that I will use PAL again just to validate my concerns and not give them the privilege of getting my future business.

PAL is definitely the worst airline that I have ever dealt with on ticketing and customer service.

Apr 05, 2013

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