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PetSmart / dog's eye

1 TN, United States Review updated:

I took my 4 mo chipoo (Dog) to petsmart for her 2nd grooming and the lady advised my dog was vicious and she had bitten her, which was crazy, but she said she had to put my dog in a cage because her eyes was bloodshot and she needed to calm down, so I asked her what caused her to bite her and she said the blowdryer scared her, which I advised the lady when I came in that she was afraid of loud noises!!! Any way that night I noticed her right eye was squinted and draining, in the middle of the night I woke up and her eye was crusted over completely and she couldnt see. So I wet it with a wash cloth. And called petsmart the next morning and spoke with the manager and she said it was possible that the dryer burnt her eye and she told me to bring her bye to the vet in petsmart free of charge to check it out. So I spoke with the vet and they told me to put saline in her eye, so I did it and it got better the next morning (Thank god!!!) no way I will take her back there for nothing. Which my dog probaly bit the lady because she probaly poked her eye!!!

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      12th of Nov, 2010
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    That's just silly. You're confused. Yes, they're trying to make money. That's their whole thing. The fact is, yes, models and actresses do have to pay money to get farther. It's an investment. A set of headshots and a set of bodyshots does not a portfolio make. And no one, NO ONE, is going to pick you off the street and say, "Oh, you're just PERFECT for being a supermodel!" Supermodels bust their ### to get where they are.

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      12th of Nov, 2010
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    Weird. It posted comment to another complaint. Anywaaay,

    I was a dog groomer for six years. "Designer" dog breeds (like your.. chi-poo..) along with the breeds they're made up of, are notorious for having a TERRIBLE attitude towards grooming. I actually have nerve damage in my hand from a chi-poo. It doesn't matter how SWEET AND DARLING AND WONDERFUL they are at home. If they're out of their element, and you haven't trained them how to handle scary situations, they could very well bite and it wouldn't be the dog's fault, it wouldn't be the groomer's fault.. it would be YOUR fault for not training your dog appropriately, which is your civic duty as a pet owner.

    Also, we can't properly groom your dog if we can't dry it. The hair has to lay in a specific manner for us to be able to cut it accurately, ESPECIALLY for any kind of coarse-haired breed like a poodle or a poodle mix. And this is only the dog's second grooming? You know what? Until you become a groomer and spend ALL DAY trying to train a misbehaved puppy to calm down long enough to make them look perfect and precious and not bite your fingers off, maybe you should cut the groomer a break. Think about how hard it would be for YOU to try to hold down a feisty dog, make them look immaculate, keep your hands safe, but still be able to scissor around their eyes because their "mommy" just "looooves to keep it curly around the face."

    I've had an adorable little poodle pup that I spent six hours on, giving constant breaks, treating it like it was my own puppy, and the little booger FLIPPED around as I was finishing trimming up around its back paws, ripped my finger open (needing eight stitches) and managed to stab itself in the eye. Those things just happen sometimes, no matter how careful and attentive the groomer is.

    I've known dozens of owners like you and it's sad everytime. It's also frustrating because you're dooming your dog to a life of not dealing with groomers well. Not only that, you're also dooming yourself and every groomer to an unpleasant experience with you and your animal. If you can't train it, give it to someone who can.

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      15th of Nov, 2010
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    When I see a little, precious, perfect, can do no wrong, angel, designer dog come in and its' "Mommy" keeps coddling it and telling it "Oh Precious, it will be ok! I will be back soon! My POOR BABY!!", I immediately know what I am in for. And it ain't good! LOL Some owners are very neurotic and pass that right on to the dog. I wouldn't be a groom mgr or in animal work my entire life if I didn't love them. (The dogs, not the owners!) The OP needs to get that dog in training asap and make everyone's life better- including the dog!

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