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PetSmart - refused to allow drop off appointment for 10 year client

I have never had a problem with how petsmart groomed my dog; they've always been good to her. However, my dog has been dropped off and groomed at petsmart for the last 10 or so years. After this morning, I will never set foot in a petsmart again. This morning, I took her to a different petsmart then the one I usually use. Today I took her to the store at coit and campbell in dallas to drop her off to be groomed - like I have done so many times before.

But this morning I was told they couldn't groom her because she has an enlarged heart. Oh, I could do the express groom but I couldn't drop her off before work and pick her up afterwards like i've done for 10 years! I offered to call my vet and let petsmart talk to them because the dog was cleared to go to europe so she would certainly be ok at petsmart for a day. No. I was told that was against "protocol" by christine, one of the managers. I asked if they could call someone higher in the corporate office - no it wouldn't change protocol I was told. I couldn't take my dog to work and I didn't have to take her home so what was I supposed to do? They didn't know; I just couldn't leave her there. By the way, there is absolutely nothing on their website which addresses this "protocol."

I ended up having to leave her at banfield (Fortunately, my dog used to go to banfied, otherwise they wouldn't have done this) for a physical exam she doesn't need (She just had one the week before last) which I will have to pay for all because petsmart has apparently changed their "protocol" but didn't bother to tell those of us who have been grooming customers for years!

Btw, I called your customer service number.. I was hoping someone at the corporate level could maybe intercede for at least today and get my dog actually groomed. Sure, i'll have to take her elsewhere in the future but at least she wouldn't be sitting in a cage today at the vet for no reason having a fake physical exam. A lot of good that did — I couldn't talk to anyone who actually had any power. I had to leave a report and maybe someone will "get back to me in 3-5 business days!"

If this is the way petsmart treats owners who have used them for years, petsmart doesn't deserve pet owners' business!

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dog Lover 213
Union, US
Mar 20, 2015 9:40 am EDT

I think they made the right call, they were just putting the safety of the dog first. I say they made a smart call

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