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Secaucus, NJ, United States
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After reading all these complaints from around the country we all need to fight together. Our animals are our family. I booked my original reservation for the Pet Hotel located in Secaucus, NJ from July 21-29. When I dropped buddy off on the 21st, his health was intact (I have records). He was joyful, full of life and most importantly healthy. I called daily to check up on my boy and the staff said he was having a difficult time adjusting however that he was eating and using the bathroom. On Monday the 24th, before I was leaving the country I called once again. The staff again assured me that he was doing well. After hanging up, I didn't feel at ease therefore I called my mother immediately, which was listed as his emergency contact and asked her to pick him up earlier on the 27th. When she picked him up she couldn't understand what had happened, he could barely walk, her exact words were "he was walking as if he was drunk”, frail, and lethargic. She asked the staff member and she said “he's a senior”, that is no excuse as he never walked like that. When I landed back in the states on the 28th, I turned my phone on and had a voicemail from a staff member from the 25th, which was one day after I had called to check in. The voicemail stated that there was no urgency but that they were worried about Buddy. The million-dollar question here is why would that woman call me and not the emergency contact? I arrived the morning of the 29th; I could not believe my eyes, what had happened to my little guy? If there were concerns, which there were (hence the vm) why didn't they call the emergency contact or bring him to the in-house veterinary. I rushed Buddy to a local vet at 9am, they immediately referred me to the nearest animal hospital as he was in kidney failure (had lost almost 3lbs). He was hospitalized from the 29th-31st. I contacted his vet, and he told me to bring him immediately. I had him transferred there for a few days under IV treatment. After 3 days, on the 3rd, we brought him home with medications and at home IV treatment. Unfortunately, Buddy never recovered and his last couple weeks were up and down. He fought a strong, good fight but ultimately passed on the 24th.
I hope and pray that no other pet parent that boards a pet at your facility has to go through what I went through.

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    After reading all these complaints from around the country we all need to fight together. Our animals are our family

Sep 20, 2017

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