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Petsmart - Fridley, MN / horrible grooming job

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We had taken our kitty boo boo in for a trim. The groomer said that she could only do a lion cut, and showed us a picture of a nice cut. We agreed to have our long haired cat trimmed in the lion cut. When we returned to get out kitty, they had him in his carrier. We had to pay, more than they quoted us in the first place, but when we got home and removed him from his carrier, he had the most horrible cut and shaven job i have ever seen on any animal. The coat was shaven, in sections with all kinds of lines. He looked like a zebra. The hair that was left on his legs, and undersides was all jagged, choppy, and looked just like they took there had and pulled a bunch out. Some was 1/2 inch, and some was over 2 inches. He has been totally traumatized by this and is not himself. He has been hiding in the bathroom ashamed of himself ever since we brought him home. Do not groom your cats at petsmart, as they do not have the proper training on how to do our wonderfully, loved kitty pets. When i called to complain, they were rude and nasty and said that the cat was squirming, and that if it had been his 36th cut, he may have looked better. I demanded a refund, and they did however tell me that they would credit my account.

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  • Sk
      14th of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    The poor groom job was more than likely a case of your cat being unwilling. Dogs are generally more tolerant of being handled by strangers. Not so with cats. Your cat probably struggled quite a bit, maybe even tried to bite or scratch. That's why so few groomers are willing to do cats.

  • An
      23rd of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    PetSmart groomers go through a special training program before handling cats. Some of the requirements include:
    -At least 1 year of grooming experience
    -No safety incidents *at all* in the past 6 mos.
    -Studying a special cat grooming manual outlining how to safely handle, bathe and shave cats
    -Training under a certified cat groomer for no less than 4 weeks or until they feel you are competent enough to handle cats.
    -Having to re-certify every year.

    With all that being said, it is corporate rules that the only blade we can use on a cat is a #10 blade. This is a very short blade but the reason for this rule is that cats have paper thing skin. This blade is considered to be the only safe blade to use because no matter how experienced you are, cats are unpredictable. They will wiggle and twist every which way, and its better to have a safe blade that will not cut them if they move around than one with wider teeth that may do more damage.

    The reason your cat's legs and underside may not have been trimmed is that generally cats get very upset when you're messing with their rear ends or legs. If I've shaved a cat's body and he or she gets too stressed out, I will not trim the legs. I would rather the cat not look as perfect as it could than have the cat flail about and potentially get cut or get loose and bite me.

    Cats that have not been shaved before can react badly to it. I know when I do something as simple as clip my cats' nails, they will run off and hide for hours afterward. Imagine how they feel when you're doing nails, ears, bath and shaving. Of course your cat is mad. Cats in general want to be left alone.

    It is unfortunate that all of this was not explained to you before the service. In the future, it would probably be best just to have your cat bathed. He is much better off with the hair as he obviously seriously dislikes being groomed.

  • Te
      16th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    It's not worth the time grooming a cat. Like someone already said most groomers won't do it and for many reasons. 1. Cats bite and scratch, a cat bite is one of the worst bites you can get from grooming small animals. If your unlucky it's just enough to cause a horrible infection 2. They are reluctant. 3. They stress out much more than a dog. 4. Most people have a cat for 5 years and then decide out of the blue to have fluffywuffums first professional grooming. Those are more than enough reasons. I don't think they tramatized your cat. You never introduced your cat to grooming. How did you expect it to act? Some cats really love grooming but most of them have been slowly introduced to the idea at a young age. You got your money back and nobody got bit.

  • Ha
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    As a professional cat groomer and cat owner (professional?) let me tell you that grooming a cat is one of the most horrible bloody experiences there can be (for the groomer) Literally, we get bit, scratched, peed on, anal glands sprayed at RANDOM on us, all for 50% of $70 or so dollars. I used to work for Pmart (as i call it). You have to be "cat certified" and most of the time it takes two "cat certified' people to hold a growly, uncooperative monster who is trying their best to KILL US.
    That being said, if your cat still has "boots" it's because that area around the joints will get a groomer bit 99% of the time if they try to put a vibrating clipper near it. Persian cats are the best about getting clipped, however I think it's just because their bracycephalic faces make latching on to us with their fangs difficult... I'm sure your cat Boo Boo (cute name btw) was an angel, but give the groomer some slack! They really do work hard. Next time just ask for a redo because the lines (cornrows) on your cat are caused by a dull ten blade (the only blade safe enough to use on a thin skinned cat really) and they could have used a reverse seven blade to take out the lines but that runs more risk of cutting your cat's skin open if Boo Boo were to jerk around suddenly. Was your cat cut? No? Then the groomer did a good job being cautious. And I own a formerly feral cat who is an angel to me, but take her out of her home to the vet or wherever and she becomes Beelzebub. Cats don't like change in their environment or new people with loud equipment shaving their bodies.
    Hope this comment helped. God bless you and your cutie Boo Boo.

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