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Yesterday I took my mother shopping for the holidays, and thought, while I was nearby I could take my dog for a bit of a pampering at Petsmart in Evansville, Indiana. Though I've shopped there since they have opened this location, I have always taken my dog to a local groomer for nail/ hair trimming. It was quite convenient for these services for this time of year, which I appreciate. When I arrived I was quite specific in telling the intake groomer what I wanted. Long story short, my dog came back looking shockingly different. I'm rarely at a loss for words, but I was so taken aback by the great drastic nature, I began to tear up. When I came home, I wanted to inform someone of this, so I called and spoke to the intake coordinator. She apologized and stated that she did not see what my dog looked like as he was groomed by another person. I was able to talk to the manager. While we talked, I was never impolite, never raised my voice, or acted / talked disrespectfully about the store, or the groomer. I let him know that my dog looks like a different dog all together. He was not cut in a manner that fits this breed. I realize that the trouble was that I did not seek someone out upon pick up, and that for all this manager knew I was making a false accusation. But again, I wasn't calling demanding a refund, or threatening anything etc., just letting someone know what was done to my dog. He did leave to talk to the groomer, which I did not ask him to do, so I appreciate the follow through there. When he came back on the line he stated the lead groomer, who is fantastic did the job, and that only stray hairs were trimmed. He stated that the groomer knows exactly what she is doing, and never errs. I know that it would have been quite rare for the groomer to state they made a terrible mistake/ admit to wrong doing or not following requests taken upon intake, or that they cut the dog in a completely different manner than what the breed is normally cut. The problem was that when I explained once again how drastic the difference was, the manager flipped the situation around and blamed me for not communicating properly. This is what really upset me as a loyal customer. I called in hopes of preventing this from happening with others, and to let him know my concern as a customer. What happened was that I was pushed aside, and then blamed for this. So I learned a couple of things: 1. stick with my local groomer who listens to me and knows how to properly trim and groom this breeds hair, and 2. the pet food store that I have relied on for years does not value me as a customer.

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  • Ti
      Sep 17, 2008
    Petsmart - animals
    3232 e colonial dr
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    the pet care manager is very rude. she has no clue what she is talking. i was looking at the Guinea pigs and they have fleas. also she does not take her animals to the vet there are sevral in the back room that have been left there. birds are dropping dead. and she does not know why cause she won't do any thing about it. i don't think this is right

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  • Ca
      Jan 22, 2009

    So instead of going online to a message board why don't you call corporate if your so concerned about the well being of the animals? It's not that hard to send an email?

    Next time, take a picture or a video - you can email anything these days. Or ask to speak with the store manager and explain that if you don't see improvement you want their name and you'll be contacting corporate. See how fast things change when their butt's on the line;)

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  • Jl
      Apr 29, 2009

    One thing I would suggest (although I assume you'll never go there again) is to find one groomer that does well and specifically request that person on each return trip. We really like Janet and request her each time. We have never been disappointed by her service. I am sorry you had a less than stellar experience. Unfortunately, it will probably sway others from taking their beloved pets there.

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  • Sm
      Oct 27, 2009
    Petsmart - Most rawhides made in other countries
    United States

    I want to know why I couldn't find any rawhide chews for my dog that were made in USA. Most were made in China! My dog won't get anything that is made in China! By the time a recall goes out, it will be too late once they have consumed whatever poisen China has decided to put in their food items.

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  • 70
      Apr 25, 2010

    sounds like a employee. If you don't know the line of operations and what to do to correct a problem then you just got hired or you could care less to work there, or work at all. You prefer to sit back and collect a pay check for doing nothing.

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  • 70
      Apr 25, 2010

    all right i'll tell you why you can't find rawhide made in the USA at Petsmart. Its fricking expensive, you may ask well why so expensive...well because as americans we like to be paid well and we are gonna sell are crap at a high price so their is a higher profit margin. PETCO sells rawhide made in the USA and its more expensive than regular rawhide. I would say that its higher in price to increase the profit margin on the product, as a business they are open to make money and in order to make money they have to make it more expensive since it costs more to buy than the chinese rawhide.

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  • Wt
      Aug 17, 2010

    How do you know the pets are not taken to the vet and they are left in the back room? Last time I knew customers didn't just walk into the backrooms at stores.

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  • Bu
      Dec 24, 2012

    ing at store 1085 in largo, fl for grooming and pet needs for 2 yrs now for our Morkie bella. yesterday i called to set up a morning appointment and discussed with the girl exactly what i wanted it was the package for around $24 bath and lil trim around face we go back and forth between that one and the full body trim every two or three weeks. so my wife takes her in tells the girl btw she is in heat the girl asks my wife if she wanted several different services and she stated " what ever my husband asked for" hrs later my wife goes to pick up the dog and she is charged $32 plus $6 for conditioning. now i personally brushed my dog that am to make sure there were no knots in her fur and she was fine especially since we just got a full groom just few weeks ago, but even if i had no problem with the $6 upcharge for conditioning i do have a problem with the $32 charge for my services when i clearly spent 10 min on phone making sure they know what i wanted. when i called the store the lady looked in the computer and found my appointment and notes as to $24 package but wasn't sure why it didn't turn out that way and stated she would have the manager call me back. the manager (i think her name was leslie listened to me then put me on hold for 11 minutes exactly and then argued that i always get this package when i know i don't. i said i'm unhappy and want a refund and she said "sir thats not going to happen" now they have lost a petsmart customer and advise you don't beleive their pet grooming customer always happy or its free statement right on their website.
    I was left with a bad taste in my mouth and not happy that the manager treated us that way and decided to show how I felt with my money, spending it elsewhere. Well after several months have gone by I have been able to clearly look back at the situation clearly seeing that we never seen bad service from the grooming end of it but because a mix up was handled badly by a manager is why I have the bad taste. So I thought I might try patronizing another location as I am between two, maybe I would be happy again. So I placed a call to my next closest store in Tyrone fl and the lady tells me she is unable to schedule me due to my file. Now the bad taste comes back as I realize the manager in largo wrote some untrue information or marked our file somehow because she didn't, like that i reminded her of the companies policies. I wrote and called corporate office ... No call back
    I also want to add they do not let the dogs go to the bathroom, not enought staff to take some outside ever. So hopefully you know this and aren't detained in picking up your pooch. I think there should be a negative star setting for corporate companies like this that don't care about customer service .

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  • Pe
      Mar 25, 2015

    I can't help but wonder what kind of dog you have and what exactly you think the "breed cut" is for it.

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