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PetSmart / animal abuse

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This is not a true complaint, but a warning. I have not witnessed any animal cruelty at this particular store, but as soon as I see or hear about any cruelty involving any of your animals, I am willing to send full complaints that could shut you down. I know and you should know about other Petsmarts nationwide that have treated their animals horribly. I used to always love Petsmart until I came upon a website about Petsmart. This website is called and every page was fileld with information on the destructive acts against animals in those stores. If you would do so, anybody I know would be willing to go to court to shut you down. Please respond honestly about if your store acts this way and why, and if so please make an effort to help your animals.

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  • Ra
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    I worked at a Petsmart and saw how horribly they treat the animals, they had a conurd bird sitting in the cage for months going unsold because nobody in the store knew how to properly care for it and the manager didn't care. The bird was balded in many places, didn't have much personality, it looked very unhealthy and sick. Petsmart is very cruel when it comes to their fish, they let the fish eat each other in the tanks and wont bother taking the carcus's out, they always have unhealthy and half dead hermit crabs up for display with empty food dishes and they dont even give the hermit crabs two water dishes that they need, because they wont survive without fresh and salt water dishes. These people do not care what so ever about the animal or it's future, they only see the animals as products and they will sell the poor animals to the stupidest customers.

  • Ex
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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    I worked in the PetSmart grooming Salon in Concord New Hampshire, and witnessed DAILY the mishandling of dogs and cats.

    Dogs that where "trouble" where routinely choked, yanked around, and pinned (this was usually in the back room where they were being dryed.) muzzles were put on too tight. Terrifed dogs were force dried, and held down with muzzles on.

    Breathing impared dogs (shi-tzus, bulldogs, pugs) where put under cage dryers, when it is against policy.

    Dogs that refused to enter the large metal drying cages where shoved, choked and slammed into them.

    One dog, a basset hound seriously ripped a nail.

    Cuts and razor burn were common.. the smaller ones not even being MENTIONED to the owners, who, after being smiled at by the groomer, figured their "little Monkey" had a great time.

    I tried during my time there, to come between MANY a stressed out groomer and terrified dog.

    When I complained the managers found "reasons" to write me up. I wound up quitting in disgust after making a complaint to the VP, and hearing nothing back.

    I now work in a private grooming facility that does not REQUIRE dogs to be done in an hour.

  • Nc
      18th of Dec, 2011
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    Yes there is abuse in the salons! I have seen it in 2 different salons and I had an investigation going on people. Guess what...nothing happened! Those people are still working. Im freaking out! I have worked here for yrs and can not believe this is happening!!!

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