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While on vacation purchased a Siberian husky puppy for 2500.00.Louisville Ky. mall rd.Picked him up Saturday oct 6th and headed back to Pa.Monday Oct.8th I contacted our vet for a wellness check .Appt given was Oct 22nd but called due to the concern of constant diarrhea .Vet seen him Oct.19th and put him on medicine .Still sick took him back to vet and they put him on an antibiotic which still hasn't helped.I filed a claim thru pet solutions and this past week Lois called and said we defaulted on our warranty that the puppy wasn't seen within the 4 days (in which we were never told this by the young salesman), and they would not be reimbursing us anything.All Im asking for is the reimbursement for vet and medicine bills .This is a sick puppy and for what we paid for him should be extremely healthy.We have been doing everything necessary to nurse our pup back to be healthy.We love him and petland needs to take responsibility for selling us a sick pup.I also filed a complaint with the better business bureau and I will also be filing a complaint with consumer affairs and also letting the loan company know we were sold a sick puppy.Pet solutions needs to take responsibility and pay our vet and medicine expenses for this pup until he is well.We own a 3yrs Siberian husky and never had this all Im asking is to be reimbursed for vet and medicine expenses until our pup is healthy like he should have been when we bought him.Thank You for your time and I hope to get some resolution soon.

Oct 28, 2018
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  • Gi
      May 28, 2019

    Why the hell would anyone purchase a puppy from Petland? You must be out of your damn minds!!!. They are no better than a puppy mill. They throw dead puppies in the garbage. They do not seek medical attention for the animals in their care until it is TOO LATE. JESUS H. WHEN THE HELL IS EVERYONE GOING TO LEARN!!!

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  •   May 28, 2019

    Why purchase a dog while in vacation???

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