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overuse of ads

I used to play webkinz a lot at a young age and loved it! I decided to return today and it's kind of a mess now. First off, I am unable to create more rooms. It says I have to purchase a webkinz in order to make more despite having over 30. And secondly, almost every time I enter a room an ad plays. Not a variety of ads either. One ad.

I do hope the webkinz team can fix these problems. If there was a new play joining in, I think it should be in your best effort to make the game as fun and enjoyable as possible! Thank you.

green goblin

I have all the 3 goblins of each color that I purchased from the estore & it says I do not have the green one & will not let me do the green goblin's activities starting today 2018 October 01. The green goblin was the one showing when it refused to let me do the activities. I took out a different colored one & still the same with still saying I do not have the green goblin?????

account name: samanthawhitecoud

can't access my old account

so I was about to go on my old account and it has been around five days and I've checked in every day and it just says come back tomorrow and my account is rileymarie123 can you just unarchive it quicker please I've been waiting so much longer than necessary by the way I'm on a laptop but I just really want to use it so please Webkinz just fix it I'm tired of waiting

Can't access my old account

I loved www.webkinz.com when I was a kid, I had many rare items and it was very fun to take care of my pet...

Woodbridge Software & Games

Never Works

Webkinz is starting to really annoy me. They seem to no longer care about anything but the money. They've discontinued signatures and now they cost hundreds of dollars, they've made almost half the items on webkinz require a deluxe account (which is a paided upgrade), and yet they can't seem to take the time to make webkinz.com work. I can finally log in but I can't do anything but go to the W-Shop. If I try to do anything else the screen goes blank and the program closes. I haven't been able to take care of my webkinz for about 6 months now. Ganz, pay attention and FIX THIS!!

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freezes up

everytime my 5 year old daughter plays on webkinz, it always freezes up! it gets annoying! me AND my daughter are seriously sick of it! well, one day, we were fed up & had enough of it, so, we called the services. well, they NEVER ANSWERED!!! me & my daughter are soooo sick of it! im getting her off of this site PRONTO!!!

faltse advertising scam +100% horrible

i for a long time wanted a webkinz my family isnt rich annd every penny must be used wisly finaly my family had enough to buy me one i got it for my b-day then my family went in to poverty my next b-day we got a laptop to share i ameadeaty went to my account there was a note that said it would expire that day I was crushed now i have a chace to get rich ...BY GETTING BACK ILL SUE THEM UNTILL THEY ARE BEGGERS ON THE STREET LIKE I WAS THEN THEY WILL LEAN TO GET THIER HANDS DIRTY!!!if they are greedy enough to make kids sad i doubt any of those people are christians let them earn their reward when they die

  • Tr
    Trevor is now a proud father a baby boy Dec 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have never been interested in Webkins or spending my money on any game pet site. You never know when they will close your account claiming you broke the rules and not return your money. These things usually expire in a year. In my opinion they should never expire since people spent their money on them.

    Neopets is the same, with premium (paying members) you actually expect the site to be better for them. No, they give horrible service to normal members and just as horrible to royal members and premium members. These sites are not worth the money you or your parents give to them, you never know when they will screw you over and say tough luck.

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the people

I hate webkinz!! i got kicked off on my b-day a wonderfull present from my 'furry friends' . i hope those people fix thier darn additud those poop eating frog faceed nasty boogers

  • Tr
    Trevor is now a proud father a baby boy Dec 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Neopets also hires "poop eating frog faced nasty boogers" with bad attitide as well. What is it with these gaming websites. Is one of the requirements for hiring you must be a "poop eating frog faced nasty boogers" with bad attitide?

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  • Na
    nagina Dec 28, 2009

    What are you talking about????

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I was on my Webkinz account when i went to the shop. I exed out of the shop and EVERYTHING i mean EVERYTHING I had in the room was gone! I'M TELLING THE TRUTH! It happened to my brother too and it totally stinks. Ganz BETTER do something about this crap because Im getting really sick of it. Everything in theat room total cost me $5000~!!! Grrrrr. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT OR ILL SUE GANZ.

  • Cc
    ccjj69 Dec 25, 2009

    Nothing you can do about it. It has happened to my daughter a couple of times too.

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False advertising

My daughter received several webkinz for her birthday a year ago. There is no documentation when you buy a webkinz that says you can only use the website for your purchase for a year and then you have to buy ("adopt") a new toy to continue to use the site.

My daughter is crushed and we will contact the NY Attorney General tomorrow due to the lack of information when you buy the product that you will only be able to access the website for a year.

  • JGraceyStinson Jul 30, 2009

    Well was the product purchased only because you get to use the website?

    Probably not.

    The website is a bonus. They don't have to provide it all and kids would still like the toys.

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  • Bl
    BlandsHatch Dec 07, 2009

    The toy is called "Web"Kinz which implies that the website is part of the child's experience. Imposing a one year limit is a cynical strategy employed by the company to use the child's disappointment to manipulate parents into having to buy another toy.

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Not reliable

Should have checked here first. Bought two of the critters or whatever they are called for my granddaughter. The website does not work and has no work around I could find to set up a new account for her. Webkinz has FAQ's in quantities but no clear way to contact their customer service either by phone or email that I could find. Finally resorted to a Google search and ultimately got a form online at the Webkinz site that seemed to actually process but no answer so far. But, now having looked through the site much more than I ever wanted to do so, their sales pitch to kids to buy more and more to play online is disgusting. Maybe then I ought to be pleased that the site doesn't work?

I do wonder truly if this is a currently functioning company or something that has folded or in the process of folding? After looking at the many complaints here, There is no good reason for them to be doing well. Wonder if the Better Business Bureau has had dealings with them?

  • Tr
    Trevor is now a proud father a baby boy Mar 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Apparently the site is down for maintenance? It has been for a while?

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  • Ma
    MargeK Sep 01, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been wondering about it too. Sometimes it forces me to the Ganz site, thereby removing my ability to sign on to Webkinz. I certainly am totally thankful I did not sign up for the Deluxe membership. Close call as I had been checking it out lately and almost spent the bucks. It appears they have some major problems. I hope someone is taking a look at the issues. I wonder how I tell if they even care about it ! I got it to work last night from my laptop but now not working properly again.

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unfair practices

This is my 7th complaint, all falling on stone ears, deaf and just as hard. You people really don't give...

unfair practices

So far you have not printed any of my complaints.Either you're here as a "good faith" token or you are...

Website problems

My 5 year old niece likes to play Webkinz. We do a few tasks daily -- or try. The website freezes all of the...

Non-existent customer service

Like many other people posting complaints here, my son has been unable to access one of his webkinz rooms. He has several and all seem to work except this one. We simply cannot access this room. The computer freezes each time we try. We have to log out and back in to play. I've contacted customer service three times over 3 weeks. I've received automated replies each time but that's it. Nothing specific. Remember that if you've tried to contact the company repeatedly, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and your state's Attorney General office. Maybe then Ganz will listen to all of us. It really is unacceptable. If I don't hear back by the end of this week (1/13/08) I will file complaints with the BBB and the Washington State Attorney General. Good Luck and don't give up!

Not working

I love webkinz.com I go on almost every day! Although, for a few weeks I have not been able to go on. It say...

Resolved It's a scam

Webzinz website ***. My daughter was so excited to go shopping this morning to use her own money to buy a webkinz. We got home tried to go to webkinz.com to play and it says error on page. Save your money. Their customer service also ***. Or lack of customer service. If they are so proud of an over priced stuffed animal why do they not have an 800 number? You can submit a complaint but they do not get back to you and even if they did what difference does it make try telling a 7 year old why the website does not work.

  • Ci
    cindylou2759 Feb 11, 2019

    I tried to get a membership for my grandson and it says my account is locked. Left several messages but no response. Would like to get this done for him need my account unlocked please

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