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I use to work at Petland in Janesville Wi and I was bullied out of my job the owner and the general manger sat me down in front of employes and told me that my feeling on feeling I was treated unfair were wrong and I shouldn't feel that way when I was crying because I had every one bashing me about the way I felt the owner said " I would be crying if I where you too" they have also mad fun of me for being quiet thinking that it would help me talk more. Also there were 8 dogs when I worked there that had parvo four dogs died from this. When the second dog died the owner told me not to tell any one because they would have to shut down. There is many ways that this could have been prevented but was never handled and for that four dogs have no life.

Jun 14, 2013
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  • Me
      Jun 19, 2013

    No I was dealing with this for a month before I QUIT.

    Point A: The owner should have talked to me alone not in front of employees nor the general manager who was the main problem.

    Point B : Four dogs have died clearly that means nothing to you, but it does to me and a lot of others.

    I Don't understand how any of this that I have complained about seem as if Im wrong.
    I have done Marketing for two years and I know that this is not how a business should be handled. Their is so many other ways to have handled the problems they have faced and they chose either to do nothing about it and hope it goes away or to act like immature jerks about the problem.

    Like I have said I QUIT so this is not an ex-employee that wants to bash an employer that let me go. They were to cheap to fire me cheap meaning that they didn't want me to file unemployment so they harassed me to quit.

    Point being this is a website that allows people to complain or explain there experience on a business and this is what I have faced. Wether you are an employer of them or not this is what I have faced and Its not out of anger on the owner. Its is out of the business and the way they face problems.
    Re-read what I have wrote and put your self in my shoes.
    In stead of being mean and rude and bashing my english skills.

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  • Me
      Jun 20, 2013

    You are so incredibly mean!!!

    I have seen your profile and all you do Is say mean things to peoples comments about business.

    MY question is WHY??? I do not get people like you you take what people say and treat them like crap for what they say and how they feel.

    This is a website were people can complain or share experience about a business and I was letting people know about this business how they treat there employees and there animals, But you had to comment about my english skills and say that what I said means nothing that is just me being angry at a owner.
    So what ever way you look at this I will tell you that EVERY thing I have wrote IS THE TRUTH so till this day four dogs died lots of dogs are sick I was bullied out of my job I was mad fun of by the owner and the general manger.So you can look at it as I'm pissed at the owner but its still the truth and personally I don't think they should get away with harming dogs and treating employees like crap so think what you want obviously you don't think its wrong to bully ( sense you are one) and you don't think its wrong to run a business this way.
    Also for your info I tried everything I could for those animals I contacted peta and nothing happened same with the humane society. Plus I didn't know about there deaths till they were gone.

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  • Mh
      Jun 20, 2013

    @ mkstitch I would feel better if I could cave your face in. As for Melissa FTW sooner or later it will catch up to them because its has been going for way too long.

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