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Pep Boys Cinnaminson NJ / thieves

1 rt 130Cinnaminson, NJ, United States

Went and bought tires there they told me they needed to order the tires that I wanted. I gave them the week they needed since I was traveling in several weeks and wanted to put new tires on my Excursion. The day came to have tires put on and I was not in town to get the truck after so my daughter picked up the truck when work was done, I asked her if they put E range tires on the truck and she told me the service Manager. Told her YES, I was very specific on the tire size, tread, and load range E. After I returned and drove the truck noticed that the car did not handle correctly so I returned and told them that it does not handle correctly (the service manager) he took the truck in for another whole day, and returned it to me saying it needed to have the tires balanced again, that it was not done correctly with original tire install. I left for vacation and during the trip the truck was sliding around curves and handled like crap. I looked at the tires and checked the pressure when I got a chance to stop at a mechanic in some strange town. He told me that the tires have the correct pressure but they are the wrong tires for the truck they should be E range tires not C range tires. The Pep Boys sold me E range but installed C range. This Vinnie and the other idiots at this Pep boys can only be one of 2 things a thief or incompetent!!! When I returned they told me that they would make it right and order the tires again, Once again I waited for a week to get the tires in. I went to check that they had the correct ties tread, size, and range E. I got there the ### behind the counter showed me the tires he was going to put on my truck and I told him that they are not the tires that I ordered, and told him to get the right ones. We went over it again. I went out of town again and when I returned the ### showed me again the same tires, SO THEY DID NOT EVEN TRY TO ODER THE CORRECT TIRES, than this Idiot tried to tell me that there is NO difference between E range And C range tires. After the Manager put his hand in my wife’s face like to speak to the hand motion and almost got knocked out, if not for my friend standing there to pull the manager away he was going down. The police showed up and the only thing they did is recommend that they give me my money back. They agreed to it and had the nuts to say they wanted the tires on my truck back. I told them when they produce the original tires than the will get these tires back. This is the worst place in the world to do business with the people there are idiots and rude they all need to have business training customer service training and there ### kicked.


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