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Pep Boys / scam and cheating

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I recently bought a 90 model truck with its original battery and cables with the intention of resell. I went to Pep Boys to purchase a new battery on Tuesday April 7, 2009. I promptly went home and installed the battery only to discover that my truck would not start. Suspecting the battery had no juice, I had my boyfriend come over and give me a jump... sure enough it started up, but when I turned the truck off, it was completely dead again. I was scheduled to work later that day and decided to take the battery back to Pep Boys the next day for an exchange.

When I arrived at Pep Boys I asked them to check the battery. I bought a bad battery and wanted an even exchange for a good one, not a recharge of the bad one I had bought. I've had batteries checked before and know that it doesn't take a very long time to check if they are good, and when they had my battery for more than ten minutes I began to suspect they were recharging. I asked them what was going on they said that the battery was a perfect battery, and that it should have started my truck with no problem, and it would only take about 30 minutes more of charging, which was time I didn't have.

If the battery was so perfect, why did it require 40 or more minutes of recharging? I told the manager that I wanted an exchange with a new battery since I just bought the battery yesterday and it didn't work the second I installed it. He told me that would void my 90 day warranty. He told me I must have left something on all night, even though I had just told him the truck wouldn't start the VERY second the battery was installed.

After a few minutes of arguing, I accepted the exchange and demanded the number to his corporate office or at least a regional manager or superior, which he refused to supply. He said I could get any information I needed online. He told the counter person something in Spanish and she gave me my receipt. It now says 'returned without receipt' 'no warranty' even though I had my receipt.

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  • Va
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    I dropped my stang off for a tire replacement on sun 7/27/08 and was told by the service dept mngr that he would have it "rush delivered" in 2 days. When thur came and went we called down there and a diff girl said "he" the service mngr, lied to you it won't be here till mon the earliest. we don't even have 2 day rush delivery. we were pissed but w/e. still needed a tire. So, mon came and we got a call from the mngr that the tire was "here, bruing the car down and we'll put it on for ya". We said you HAVE the car. He said, I do? Yeah and you EVEN have the keys. we just dropped them off with a dude last night (sun). He said he couldn't find my car and long story short it was stolen the ight before. So now i have no tire and no CAR!

    He even had the balls to say "well i'll save th tire for ya". lol. we said what the *** we gonna put it on ***!

  • Va
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    On 9/25/08 I went to Pep Boys for replacement of store-brand tires that wore out after 33, 000 miles. The receipt from the original purchase indicated a 60, 000 mile warranty. So, I went out of my way for what I expected to be a good pro-ration adjustment.

    The warranty on those tires is now 40, 000 miles. Most of these tires were not lasting more than that, so the warranty was adjusted as a result. The service advisor, citing company policy, said that my pro-ration claim was based on the current 40, 000 mile warranty, not the 60, 000 mile warranty in effect at the time of purchase.

    I get that the money at stake is only about $20 per tire. But I'm irritated that they overstated the tire performance, ratchet down the warranty after the fact, and then don't prorate the assorted fees that come with a tire purchase and, at about 50% of the cost of the tire, seem excessive. I filed a complaint on the corporate website; let's see how that goes.

  • Bu
      21st of Jun, 2009
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    Dear Jean,
    As an ex-Pep Boys employee, I have heard so many stories such as yours. When I worked for them in the 90's, customers came first, no matter what. I am a female with many years automotive experience under my belt and I can assure you, this would have never happened at my store. As an ex-assistant manager and service advisor, my main objective was seeing that the female customers were treated with as much equality and respect as the men. And each situation SHOULD be handled individually.
    This manager handled your situation very poorly and should have been rperimanded.
    I have seen good managers fired and bad managers promoted, so what do you expect?

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