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Aug 03, 2019

Russ Darrow Mazda of Greenfield — price cheating

On August 1st, 2019, I seached online and found a 2015 Mazda CX-9 with 34981 miles at Russ Darrow Mazda of...

CMH Mazda Hatfieldovercharge

Good day
We purchased our Ford Fiesta in October 2017. The saleman Bongani brought me a vehicle to view and I was happy to
proceed with the purchase.
Two days later after completing the application form I was informed that the Silver Fiesta which I viewed was not longer
available but he could offer me a white Ford Fiesta.
I need to mention that I did not view the vehicle, as I was scheduled for a operation the following day.
He mentioned that this vehicle price was higher than the Silver one. He then asked me what instalment I could afford.
could afford. My response was max R2500.00.
My husband went to collect the vehicle and signed the contract. I was discharged from hospital and on reviewing the
agreement a noticed a lot of discrepancies.
I queried the additional products and my husband said Zandile said it was all included in the price. I called the dealership to
equerry the additional cost. I do have to mention that the Dealership Principal was extremely rude to me. He would not
discuss the agreement with me as my husband was the the contract holder.
They added additional products to the value of R16 258.00.Purchase price went from
R119, 236.85 to R142 000.00
We visited the the branch and wanted to cancel the deal, After discussions with the Dealer principal it was agreed that the
extras would be reversed and the price of the vehicle would be R105 000.00 excl vat.
The only cost for my account should be, vehicle price tinted windows, Registration and on Road fee.
The Vehicle Price was never amended. I did follow up with the dealership on numerous occasions. Bongani insisted that the
price was correct

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    CMH Mazda Durban — Mazda cx7 headlight misted up..

    I took my vehicle to Mazda-Durban due to my Passenger side headlight misting up..I dealt with Phillip Ndlovu...


    Destination Mazda — Diagnostics Turned Disaster - Horrible To Women

    Going to this dealership's repair shop was the WORST decision of my life - if you love your car, run the...

    Premier Mazda — Deceptive practices

    We bought a used car at premier, the sales person was okay and the price was acceptable. So we did the deal...

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    Kieswetter Mazda — Poor service

    Have had 3 bad experiences with this dealership in under a year: 1) Bought a new Mazda 6 in beginning of 2014...


    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Mazda of Bedforddeceptive practices/false advertising

    Deceptive practices & False advertising:
    1) Niece very interested in 04 Beetle and on 10/21/2014 went to see the vehicle but was unavailable to test drive. The top needed to be fixed, and Jon Chaney & Kevin O'Malley said it would be 2000.00 to fix (or less) to be added to advertised cost of the car. Week or so later, Kevin called and advised that Jon said it cost 3400.00 to fix and that they would eat the difference. (no one would produce an invoice showing proof of repair or cost. After the fact and paying 2000.00, I called the dealership that did the repair and they advised the cost was 1850.00. So they owe me 150.00 plus tax on that right now.
    2) 11/05/2014, signing of final paper work and delivery. Still could not test drive because they want you to pay and sign on the dotted line first. But ad stated Transmission and Engine is excellent shape and both jon and Kevin assured this was true. After driving 56 miles, the transmission blew and they wanted no part of it. I had to pay 600.00 to have that fixed which they should pay for false advertising and lying about the condition!

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      Steele MazdaPoor Service

      Fyi watch out for this dealership. They rip you off left and right. This is an email I sent to the general manager, service manager and parts manager. Waiting on a reply that will probably be something like up to $200 free labour next time we service your vehicle which is good for like 1.5 hrs of labour because they charge so much. Lol, never again. I had to take in my car 7 times for 3 service calls in 9 months. They lie, steal and break your vehicle so you keep coming back.

      I am writing to you today to express my disappointment with the technical quality of your workmanship provided at your dealership. I just recently moved to nova scotia this year and I have required my vehicle to be serviced several times. Not being aware of quality mechanics in this area, I put my faith in the local mazda dealership. Three times I have had my car serviced at your shop and all three times I had problems. I will explain from my memory what has taken place with my car under your care.

      Situation 1 - around jan-feb, I took in my car to get a safety check and I was told I failed the requirements due to the fact that my exhaust flange was cracked. I was contacted by your service department to have this fixed and I agreed to the repairs. After receiving my car back, my car was making a loud rattling sound and that my heat shield was ready to fall off.in the next couple of days, I noticed a piece of my heat shield was broken and laying in my driveway. My car stopped rattling afterwards and I contacted steele mazda about this issue and they said it wasn't a big deal so I ignored it. About a week later, I noticed a smell of exhaust in my car. I thought maybe this would go away but it never did. I contacted steele mazda again to have my car serviced about two and a half weeks later. They told me that my transmission was now leaking oil where as this problem was not there when I had my car in for the initial safety. This makes me wonder and seems very shady.

      Situation 2 - so I ended up taking my car to fix this exhaust issue. They told me there were various other components that should be looked at and rectified.in addition to the transmission oil leakage, my sway bar links were problematic, my transmission mounts were loose and my belts needed to be changed. So once again, I agreed to have all the work done and I drove my car home. Immediately my belts were squealing like a pig. I had to bring my vehicle in again to have them readjusted so they wouldn't make a loud awful high pitch noise while driving. It also took a few days before they would even service my vehicle which was very surprising.

      Situation 3 (most recent) - I needed to have some winter tires changed over to new tires. I spoke to erin in the parts department about pricing for new tires. He told me that steele mazda could provide me with "goodyear ultragrip ice" winter tires for a price of 571 tax included which is also indicated on my invoice. I received my car and I dropped it off at home because I was in a rush to do other errands. I went to check my tires this morning and noticed they installed the wrong tires. They ended up installing "goodyear ultragrip" winter tires.

      At this point i'm so frustrated with your business that I will probably never return again. I don't understand how you can charge the highest labour rates out of all the mechanics and do the worst job. Three times I had my car serviced and I had to bring my car back in on all situations pending this situation. Why was I foolish enough to pay thousands of dollars this year to get work done at your shop. Please clarify. Thanks.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        2006 Mazda 3 Maxx Sport — Fraud / Scam

        I registered interest for a Mazda 3, spoke to the man selling the vehicle, and submitted a deposit of $500...


        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        CX-5 Mazda — Ad price not honor

        I wasn’t going to pursue this but after talking with Tony at Russel Mazda and how poorly he handled it...

        Mazda CX9New car has wires cut and engine problem

        I have recieved my new car Mazda CX9 and from the first day I noticed the car was changing gears improperly after a few minutes of the showroom. The next time I started my car which was almost 4 days after collecting my car as I was traveling for business work and was not available in my city, I noticed that there was engine light coming on and off and them blinking and after sometime the car started vibrating. I took the car to the service centre and I was told to go to the aim service centre as the computer might need am upgrading. I went to the khurais branch were I was told that there is no employee to check on the computer as it is Saturday and was told to check on Sunday. Next day I get a call that the wires to the engine are cut and needs replacement and there might also be a problem with the computer but that can only be checked after replacement of the wire hosing. The company is blaming me and holding me responsible and wants me to pay for the parts and repairs. I had just driven my car 73 kilometers and this was because I had taken my car home and then from home to showroom and them to the main service centre. I haven't even driven the car properly and now the company is blaming me and accounting me to pay for the repair. I don't understand how an international brand company can give a improper car and blame the things on customers and there is no point of customer satisfaction. I am looking for some help in this regards from relevant agencies and company to helps in this matter. The car is in the service centre fr 13 days now and no one is helping me in this regards and the service centre is just blaming me for this and I cannot take responsiblity for what I haven't done. Please kindly help someone. Thanks [protected]@yahoo.com Dr Osman Zubaidi

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          2002 Mazda MilleniaCar title theft, fraud

          In June of 2013 I purchased a 2002 Mazda Millenia from said auto group, sold to me by "sales manager" Jonathon Metcalf who presented himself as one of the owners of a "2 man shop." I paid in-full for it and was told I would get the title with 24-48 hours... A week later I followed up, every few days after I followed up, and kept getting told they were waiting for the DOR to send it to them. Come to find out, when I run a VIN search with the DOR, they never actually requested another title and the title should still be in their name. From this we concluded the car had a lean on it and the bank must've been holding the title (which meant they didn't actually use my money to pay off the lean) and we were right. After 30 days (when you get fined for not registering a newly purchased car by) I confronted Jonathon and he then admitted it was the bank holding the title and that they owed the bank $9, 000 so he wasn't going to get the title anytime soon. I then asked for a refund of the car plus the tire I had to buy for them since I purchased it (treads were worn out) and he refused to do that either, saying he didn't have the money to. The next day, per legal advice, I gave him a final warning, and after that I filed a civil suit against the business, a report with the attorney general's office, with the better business bureau, and the Springfield police department. My suit is now being closed because the Sheriff's office cannot find the registered agent, Michael Hartly, or anyone at the business location because they closed.
          I know that this has happened to other people, and the Sheriff's office told me many people were looking for Jonathon and any information we can give will help. I believe we can all work together to resolve this issue. For those in my situation, having paid for a car they cannot legally own due to title theft and a possible lean, here's my advice: let's track down the lending institution(s, ) run a VIN search if we have to on our cars to track down these leans, and see if we can't negotiate something reasonable with them. After that, they may either give us the title or we an apply for a new one (abandoned title, etc.) This will come to justice for all of us. You may call me at [protected] if it directly about this case ONLY. Thank you.

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            • Je
              jenans Sep 09, 2013
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              If you have had any dealing with M&P Auto, please join this group:

              If we band together, we have a better chance of getting justice.

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Mazda of Orangebuy back bait scam

            17 months ago we purchased a 2012 Mazda 3 from Mazda of Orange. Wednesday 6-5-2013 I received a call from Larry Taylor one of the top Managers at Mazda of Orange. He said his reason for calling was unique and he needed our help. He had a long time customer that was looking for the exact car we had a 2012 Mazda 3 touring with sky-active technology. Because he needed our car he said they could put us in a 2013 or 2014 vehicle, cut our 17.5% interest rate which we had paid on time for 17 months (which he was looking at on his computer) in half, give us the options we wanted originally but couldn't afford. And also give us all the incentives that were available so that our payments would be lower without any money out of pocket. We told him that we had not been thinking about a new car or trading ours, and we did not want to waste our time unless he could come through with all his promises. He said he could if we found a vehicle, if we didn't he would at the very least refinance our current contract to half the interest rate. We felt that with all these incentives it would be to our advantage to give up our car. We arrived at Mazda of Orange Saturday 6-8-2013 met with Larry Taylor who handed us off to one his salesmen so that we could Inspect our vehicle and choose a car we liked. We found a 2013 Mazda 3 5 door with a $1500 (sun roof/Bose system) option. Then it was time to get it financed we were introduced to the Finance manager who started an application as if he did not know of all the promises Larry Taylor(who was gone for the day) made. Our existing contract was 17.5% on $20, 650 $446/mo., the best offer he had on the 2013 was 9% on $23, 250 ($1500 of it was our supposedly free option) and $440/mo. payments. He told us the only way was if we could come up with a down payment. We told him this was not acceptable after all the promises that were made. He was very rude from that point, said he would be back. He came back 15 minutes later told us he could not help us and left. After wasting 4 hours and gas, we left that dealership Humiliated and Angry beyond words. I don't know if there's any recoup for us, but this bait scam needs to stop I'm sure we are not the only ones scammed. So far no more calls from Larry Taylor. What can be done ?

            Thank You, Richard Rios ([protected]@hotmail.com)

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              • Go
                GokuSS3 Jun 10, 2013
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Report it to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Larry Taylor's name as well. Maybe even file for a civil lawsuit against Larry Taylor, stating you are out money for gas & whatever other expenses that came due to this (on that day of course and relating to the visit) such as food if you went out to eat, wear and tear on the vehicle you own, like tires, mileage, (gas as stated), anything else you can think of. There might even be a criminal case (unsure) if it's considered false advertising or something, I'm sure there's a consumer law somewhere for this situation, IMO it is at least harassment. A quick google which lead me to wikipedia search shows this - Also, the majority of states have a Department of Consumer Affairs devoted to regulating certain industries and protecting consumers who use goods and services from those industries.[7] For example, in California, the California Department of Consumer Affairs regulates about 2.3 million professionals in over 230 different professions, through its forty regulatory entities. In addition, California encourages its consumers to act as private attorneys general through the liberal provisions of its Consumers Legal Remedies Act, Cal. Civil Code § 1750 et seq. More on that at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consumer_protection#United_States

                Hope this helps you

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              Freeway Mazda Cutrubus — scamming deceiving crooks

              i bought a car from here couple months ago i have to admit when i pulled up the employees were very generou...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Gerald Jones Mazda Augusta, GAUnfair & Racist Policies

              Gerald Jones Mazda Augusta, GA, also has many complaints, lawsuits, ACCUSATIONS of Fraud, racism, misuse of funds, wrongful employee terminations, and job discrimination- filed against the company, by former customers & employees: BBB's Numerous Bad Business Reviews for Gerald Jones Mazda Augusta, GA: enforcing Unfair & Racist Policies (like other southern car dealerships in the Georgia-Carolina Area), Lots of Bad Business Reviews and Very Poor Ratings for Gerald Jones Mazda Augusta, GA.. This Dealership has more employee turnovers than McDonalds, and Gerald Jones Mazda Augusta, GA staff has been accused of harassing new employees, job discrimination based on race, lying/falsifying documents to prospective car buyers, unethical car sales tactics, enforcing unfair policies/contracts, & more... Also goes by the name : Gerald Jones Audi | New Audi dealership in Martinez, GA 30907


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                Probart Mazda DealershipExceeded time limit

                I have purchased new car- mazda 3 from Probart Mazda Dealership. They told that I can start paying after 3 months. When I received a bill after 4 months there was a $1000 fee for exceeding time limit of payment. I called them but they refused to change the bill. I’ll call the lawyer tomorrow!

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                  • Ka
                    katep73 Jul 26, 2012

                    good luck
                    did you read your paperwork?
                    maybe your lawyer can explain 'time allotment fee' to you

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Mazda of RoswellMispresentation of Sale/Poor Product

                  On September 20th, I went into Mazda of Roswell to look at cars and decided to purchase the
                  Mazda Miata X5. My salesman Alfred informed me that this was a collectable touring car that would hold its value and the perfect thing for me since I was freshly divorced. He took me on a test drive -- and was impressed that I could pick up how to drive a stick since it had been so long since I owned one.
                  When I went in to talk to Jay, the fiancé manger. He gave me the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report for what I believed to be my car. He explained to me that I needed to have the Extended Warranty and Gap coverage because my credit score was low and by purchasing additional items the bank would agree to finance my loan. I gave him approximately 2500 cash that day – and they allowed me to drive off with the car. We processed the paper work knowing that the other $800 would be supplied by the end of the week. I went back in on the 26th to get the final copies of the sale. I was called back twice to correct paper in the next several weeks…..once to correct the down payment and then second to correct a mileage typo. All the paperwork was re-signed and the originals destroyed. The only thing that remained the same is the Autocheck.
                  A few weeks after buying my car, it started to make noises – the belts were screeching. I called Alfred at Mazda to let him know of the issue – and he informed me that the best thing to do was to go to an Auto Nation and ask them for lube spray. He’s comments were – you are pretty they will probably apply it for you. “ lol…. He said it would cost me more to bring it in for a simple repair. Well I did that – however, in the process my battery died. So I had to replace it.
                  Right after replacing the battery, the alternator belt went out. This was around November 25th. My car just stopped and had to be towed into Mazda. It turns out that not only did the alternator belt go out – the clutch was blown. A total replacement was needed. The extended warranty did not cover the repairs on the clutch.
                  When I realized that the extended warranty did not cover a lot of the issues I would have with my car, I talked to Jay and he said I could cancel it and I could be reimbursed proactively. He then told me I did not need the coverage. He said he would take care of it. He did not.
                  On December 24th, my car broke down again. The Alternator had gone out. Again, it has to be towed in. Because Jay failed to cancel my extended warranty – the repairs were covered.
                  While my car was at Mazda for repairs this time, they wrecked it. It appeared that they backed it into an end parking slot – and hit some kind of post which put a bubble in the side and the two tire wheels were scratched severly.
                  When I picked my car up – I was crying due to my car being a lemon – Alfred came in to check on me when they brought the car around – he said “Come On Guys” == what did you do?
                  The used car manager gave me a car for Christmas to drive. He stated to me that a lot of mistakes had happened with my car – and the people surrounding those mistakes were no longer with Mazda. He told me they should have never sold that car to me. He acknowledged that there were a lot of issues – but he would not detail them. His comment was the staff involved – was no longer with mazda.
                  I picked my car up. Drove it home – the next day, – less than 10 miles it quit on me again in front of my neighborhood. I called Mazda and a salesman by the name of Craig answered the phone. I told him of my situation and my car history. He seemed genuily worried about me – He aksed the car I had and th eproblems and he stated – that this car should have never been sold.
                  Again I spoke to the used car sales manager – he again agreed the car had issues – and he was trying to work with me. He stated he would try to find a “lexus” for me since I had not had those issues with my previous car – he never did.
                  After many debates, the new car manager agreed to give me a car until mine was fixed. He said he would fix me up in a new car for 18, 000 value. Ben stated to me that the man who sold me my care was greedy, the car had issues and it should have never been sold to me.
                  The problem with Ben was – he was willing to help me if I could come in a two hour period December 31st – and if I could all deals were off. He offered me one car over the phone a MX-3. Having been rushed through a previous sale – I wanted to take my time and have someone come in with me to shop. The deal was off the table because I did not come in on the 31st before he left for the holiday.
                  When my car finally came back to me – almost complete – the body damage was fixed – the wheels were not – I was relieved to have a car again. I thought really that all issues were resolved.
                  I did notice when I picked up the car – that there was a major burning smell – I thought it was due to the repairs. This was upon entering – not driving the car.
                  The clutch went out again in March. I asked Mazda of Roswell for an Oasis Report – they do not know what that is. I asked them for copies of all the parts they bought for my car – they refused to provide that. I asked them for all records of my car – they refused to provide that.
                  The service manager John was told to break the car down – and do no repairs until we knew what was wrong. He did an oil change on my car while it was there – okay – can’t drive the car – so why would I authorize an oil change? He told me he quoted me a price of 1103 to fix the car – he did not …. He quoted me $75 to break down the car. His boss, Brent – told me that he quoted me $1200 to break down the car. No price was ever quoted to me nor mark. My nephew went to look at the car and they were rude to him and my niece. My nephew works for Porshe and has a clear understanding of the industry.
                  Because of the distrust I have with Roswell, I authorized Tim Halloran from Lexus to pick my car for repair. I had to pay money that was not agreed upon so they would release my car. I then stopped payment on the check.
                  I bought this car in good faith that Alfred said I was buying a great investment – the history checked out – and everyone seemed to be understanding of my issue as being recently divorced. Forced to sell my car – to have a home at least for a year with my boys. I thought they cared – but they took advantage of my naiveness – my vulnerability at the time and they sold me a worthless car.
                  The trade in value now is $7000 ---- I paid $14, 000 plus for the car – along with $2500 plus in repairs.
                  I would ask that Roswell of Mazda relook at this situation. I have called the General Manager numerous times and he will not return my call.

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                    Legend Mazda KiaIncredibly insulting, dishonest, and immoral

                    I checked online for the complaints about Legend Kia in San Antonio, TX and thought long and hard about whether I wanted to do business with them. I saw their advertising on tv that they will pay off your trade, even if you owe $5, 000 more than it's worth. I really need a bigger vehicle because my three teenagers are older and can barely fit into my Ford Ranger Supercab.

                    So I figured the worst they could tell me was no. I go to the dealer and test drive a couples of different vehicles. I really wanted an SUV, but because my credit is still not completely clean, I couldn't get financed for one. So I decided a brand new car would still be ok, I was approved for a Kia Forte, or so I thought. We went through the haggle process. I couldn't sign all the paperwork that day they said because the bank and the other finance company who owns my truck are closed on Saturday. So they said it would be no problem, go ahead and drive it home and we will call you when we get all the paperwork done. All you have to do is come in and sign the rest of the paperwork, and we will fill the tank with gas and detial it one last time and give you all the paperwork and books for the car. I thought that if they let me drive the car off the lot then I got approved and everything was ok. NO!

                    I called on Wednesday because I hadn't heard from the dealer, who said they would call me around Tuesday. They said the paper work was ready so go ahead and come in to the dealer. I went in straight after work. I had to wait a few minutes because there was a line. I asked if the dealership carried the converter for the Ipod, Kia changed theIR Ipod connection so they can charge you forty dollars for their own converter, the sales rep I was dealing with said yes, so I went ahead and bought one. The finance guy comes out and tells me that only one bank said they would finance me, but I had to put $4, 000 down on the vehicle.

                    I came in to the dealership and from the very beginning told the sales rep and the finance guy that I only had about $500 to put down at that moment. They said that's no problem. They knew my circumstances when we did business, even the sales rep I was dealing with was totally embarrassed. So I had to give the car back. Not real upset at this point, I'm not so desparate for a new car that I'm willing to take what ever they will offer me. But then they made me have a escort to walk out to my truck to make sure I had nothing in the car I was returning and to make sure I wouldn't do something to their precious vehicle. This was totally embarrassing to me as there was a room full of people at the moment and they made me wait in a room and the lady walked me right through the middle of the show room floor in front of every body.

                    That was incredibly insulting, dishonest, and immoral. I understand I don't have great credit, I am trying to work on that. I only owe $5, 000 on top of my student loans. I am current on ALL my bills. I have no problem with them telling me no. It's the embarrassing treatment and lying and false advertising I have a problem with.

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                      Mazda USABad car

                      I purchased a 2011 Mazda3 from Bill Britt Mazda on 7/22/2011. I traded in a 2000 Mazda Millenia. The advertisement for the mazda3 points out it is aerodynamically sound and it has had a wind tunnel test. It also states that the back is suitable for a child’s car seat. After my wife had driven the Mazda3 for awhile, she noticed that if you put down the back windows the noise became unbearable. In that I bought the car in July I would not put the back windows down I would have on the A/C. Of course the salesman would not tell me to put the back windows down. I called the salesman and was told, in effect, to live with it. The Mazda dealership is in Fredericksburg, Va..

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                        • Ki
                          Killa Feb 10, 2012

                          What? The aerodynamic test has nothing to do with how wind sounds when you have your windows open. It basically deals with the design of your car so that it reacts to wind better and saves the car power and energy, thus raising your gas mileage. Wind is going to sound loud with the windows open in every car. And what about the car seat? Did it not fit? Did you not bring your car seat just to double check? Even so, I own a Mazda 3 and car seats (as well as a bunch of other stuff) fit just fine. You don't really have a complaint here, you just sound ridiculous.

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Stoney Trail Mazda — Poor service

                        I am writing in regards my Mazda Tribute 2010 which we bought from Stoney Trail Mazda dealership on August...


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