Pep Boys / bad service - lying

Highland Avenue, Salem MA, United States

Went for an oil change and tire rotation. Picked car up and drove @ 20 yards before it started knocking. My toyota prius has 116, 000 miles and my other one 77, 000 and neither one has EVER KNOCKED Felt like it was about to stall out so before I drove right back in. By this time all sorts of warning lights were on.

45 minutes later the general manager and another supervisor person come and tell me they are not positive but it looks like a cylinder failed. They both denied doing anything wrong during the oil change, and it was just a coincidence it failed in the 20 yards they drove it into the bay and back out. Then they told me I should leave it overnight and how worried they were about my making it home. I haven't heard that ### in 35 years, but knew that the Prius could drive without any cylinders or gas and still get home - it's a HYBRID !!

Next day I drive it all around town and there is no knocking anymore (how did the failed cylinder heal itself??) Next day my local mechanic - Jeff at Phillips and Lee in Marblehead, gives it a look. He plugs a device into the onboard computer, finds out what warning lights went on, and quickly learns they unhooked a hose in the front of the engine - which explained the knocking. Car is running fine, and everyone I tell about PEP BOYS also knows someone who had a crap repair job or was lied to by their mechanics.

PEP BOYS general manager could have fessed up, said we'll give you the next oil change free or a free tune-up, but instead tried to sell me a huge repair job that I didn't need.

Sep 05, 2014

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