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I first needed a phone for a lady who I needed to settle a civil court case with. After paying for the service they provided a few numbers none of which were correct. I also was in need to do some other checks on employees of mine and decided that it might be worth giving them another chance and really put them to the test. I purchased a membership as well as a bankground check on myself. Of course you have to give them your name and address when you set up your account. Well after spending $39.95 for a "comprehensive background check" on myself guess what they gave me as my report. My name and address. Not even my phone number that I provided them when I set up the account. If I wanted to look at possible criminal charges it was another $17.95 which I paid. Guess what? Not one report was me. All reports of people with different birthdates. Mixed races just trash. I mean come on $39.95 to give me back part of the information that I gave them. What a joke. The employees of this company should be wearing masks when they go to work as they are straight up thieves. I would never do business with if I was you. I have called my CC holder and filed for the charges to be reversed and would advise others to do the same. Buyer be aware!

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  • Di
      28th of May, 2010

    If you can retrieve a search then you are one of the few lucky success stories. Peoplefinders Customer Service is unwilling to listen and understand the issues or the problems and refer you to their small print. Their customer service can't even look up what type of plan that you purchased, they will insist that you only purchased the 24hrs plan, when you were charged for a more expensive plan. You need to understand their terms of use upfront - it boils down to YOU GET NOTHING FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP. peoplefinders believe that they provide a website and you sign up to get a login to the website for a membership fee - the advertised free trial searches are non-existant - you will be billed no matter what happens with your search attempts. Even if your login does not work and does not allow you to complete a search - too bad; if your search does not provide any information or inaccurate outdated information - too bad, if you keep getting popups that say you don't have a membership after you paid on your credit card - too bad.

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  • Pe
      24th of Jun, 2010

    These scammers must be shut down a.s.a.p. I just "joined" in the last 2 weeks, wanting to run a check on a realtor I thought might be shady- ends up he was legit but this "company" was a fraud. Thing is, I did some homework before chosing them, very aware frauds are run of the mill online.

    I 'Googled' up reviews for the best investigative background search and (scam) came up as the best one of the top 5.
    It's very clear the reviews of are a fraud and obviously planted to build up positive review opinions from supposedly unaffiliated third party reviewers. Hook, line and sinker- and I'm a skeptic who trusts no one.

    After joining their 'sale' 3-for-1 membership, I got no access to anything special I couldn't find by looking elsewhere- furthermore, my credit card was hacked later in the day and luckily Visa froze the account due to suspicious charges. The security representative told me my PeopleFinders charge was the likely cause (he's seen this before) and they're doing deeper check into it and will file a report in a few days. I'm so angry I haven't called them yet to "cancel" my "membership" but will do so soon, I can't wait to hear what dribble comes from their lips...

    So, as you can see I won't be happy until fraudsters are SHUT DOWN.

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