PC Richard & Son5 month old suhd tv

My 13 year old Samsung Plasma TV went in Aug, so I purchased a Samsung SUHD TV and planned a super bowl party, simply because I was so happy with the TV. WRONG!!! The TV died the week of the Super Bowl and I called for a service appointment. Well they came and couldn't fix my problem in time for my party, which I was looking forward to since the tv was so nice. I also purchased the contract, hoping they would give me a new one so I could still have my party.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Rochelle Park, NJ I have 20+ people coming to my house to watch the super bowl and no tv. You would think since the tv was so new that they would either give me a loaner or a new one, WRONG again!!! I will never buy from them again and also reach out to social media about how they don't care about the consumer. I spent a lot of money and have to cancel because I don't have a tv to watch and tell everyone not to come the day before the Super Bowl. I live near a PC Richards store, so I can even go pick one up, but they won't give me one to satisfy me as a consumer, their attitude is cancel your party

Feb 05, 2017

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