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Paypal Buyer Credit / payments

1 ORLA, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 18665713012

I cannot get into payment area to make my payments on line. I have called the number on the bill and have been left on hold for over 10 min with no response.. They keep charging late fees and there is no way to contact them!

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  • Jp
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    Forget about the lateness -- you should hear what they did to me. I have a Paypal Buyer Credit supposedly run by GE Money. I have always paid on time and way over the limit. So much so that I had a credit on my account. Now you would think that they would want people like that -- but guess what!!! They lowered my credit limit by over hal[censored] I called and they said well you will get a letter explaining -- I'm like what the heck!!!

    I asked if I was late, he said no. I asked if I didn't pay the recommended amount, he said no. Then what's the reason. The only thing he could say was that a letter was coming to me explaining.

    I have cancelled my Ebay account and PayPal and told them both why I did that. Maybe if we all put pressure on these idiots -- they will get the message. WITHOUT US YOU DON'T EXIST!!!

  • Br
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    Its good that I am posting this after I have calmed down. I literally have about 3 hours invested in searching the net, pouring over small print, and reading post such as this. I am recently married and this is my husbands account, he has paid over the phone late since opening this. He has also been charged their phone and late fee. He is very busy and does not have the time to do what I'm doing so he has been so screwed by them. He is a power seller on Ebay and did not want to mess up any of his Ebay or Paypal stuff. He told me the only way you can pay w/o beeing charged the phone fee (rerally what the hell is this, the american consumer has become accustomed to companys outsourceing their customer service jobs to other countries where you can not understand the person nor can they understand you.They also charge you for "this crappy service". Anyway I was determined this month not to pay a service charge and started early trying to see if their screwed up website was up. This is it It is down most the time, I made it a habit to everytime I sit at the computer check to see if its up. The main problem is when people go to pay they believe they are paying for Paypal credit which is not the same as Paypal credit card. That is why I posted the url to their login page. They make everything extremely hard to deal with then charge redicoulouse fees. My husbands credit is already shot and I tried to convince him not to pay them period as they have charged him so much, but he insist that it may effect his paypal ebay account. I have not figured it up yet but I am sure its redicoulouse what he has been charged since he aquired this "credit". My advice to everyone is put their webpage in your favorites list and everytime your on the computer starting to weeks before payment is due make at least the min. until you can pay the balance since the website is down so much. Also please contribute to websites such as this, I have used them for years to make decisions but rarely post, and will now always post my complaints. What the poster above said is so true, they only exist because we use them, even when American compamies out source jobs we should have. This is what is happenening to our economy. Also do you really want someone working in a phone room in India to have your bank info, I wonder how hard it would be to have them found and prosicuted if they committed ID theft.

  • Ti
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    That link now sends you to IMPOSSIBLE to pay these people online now. What a RIPOFF!!

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