PatPatmisleading pricing - false advertising

C Oct 20, 2018

I am in Canada. All prices are shown in $CAD when I place my order. The total for this last order came to $96 CAD per the website. My credit card was charged in USD$, so with the exchange I am paying over 30% more. I sent in my complaint and the answer I received was to explain to me how banks convert USD$ to CAD$ and that the prices on the website in $CAD are "estimates" based on the exchange rate. I have two complaints, both relating to false advertising. The first is that nowhere did I see it stated that I would be charged in $USD. Based on all prices being shown in $CAD I concluded that i would be charged accordingly. The second is that there is NO WAY that it is a reasonable estimate to display prices that are more than 30% less in Canadian dollars than the actual charge - eg. a jacket marked $29.95 CAD$ is actually $40.00 CAD. My guess is that they are simply using the US prices and just displaying the costs as if it were Canadian dollars.
Note that I am used to paying the extra in Canadian dollars and understand that our dollar is worth a lot less, however, I should be allowed to make the decision whether I want to spend an extra 30% on an item BEFORE I am charged.

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