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Complaints & Reviews

Parcel was not pick up

I schedule my parcel to be pick up on 03-09-20 but it was tagged as failed pick up even if rider did not came. Now I reschedule my pick for today 03-10-20 and I was advised by your company thru email to wait until 6pm today for the rider to pick up my parcel. But still no rider came. I didn't even received calls or text from you. When will I expect for a rider. My buyer was about to cancel her order.

Delivery (Shopee)

Dog [censored] courier. Sa lahat ng courier sa Shopee platform, sila na talaga yung absolute worst.

Common issue lang sa platform yung mga riders na tinatamad and falsely tag "customer unavailable" or an excuse that isn't true in order to postpone the delivery, pero sa Black Arrow this happens consistently without failure.

Additionally, yung in-warehouse system nila sobrang dog [censored] rin. Takes forever for anything to get out.

Avoid at all costs.

Items Undelivered

February 27, 2020
I need help with my item. Sa Shoppe app po, naka tagged na as delivered yung item where in fact, wala po ako nareceive. Wala rin pong tawag galing sa delivery guy. I'm wondering po, sino kaya nag receive ng package. Wala po akong contact number ng nagdeliver, name lng po at tracking number. Ito po ung nag deliver, JUDAYA NELBERT - DRS1525585.

TRACKING NUMBER: [protected]


Please help me po. I already paid the items. 😞

Items Undelivered
Items Undelivered

undelivered items

I need help with my item. Sa Shoppe app po, naka tagged na as delivered yung item where in fact, wala po ako nareceive.. wala rin pong tawag galing sa delivery guy. Im wondering po, sino kaya nag receive ng package. Wala po akong contact number ng nagdeliver, name lng po at tracking number. Ito po ung nag deliver, ISRAEL R. PATALINGHUG-DRS1522909


Please help me immediately.

undelivered items

product not delivered but stated as consignee not available

618223 Today as I checked the status, as of 5:26 pm status is Consignee not available when this is already paid and I am at the house until 7pm. No delivery came or any attempt to...

parcel is still not delivered

Hello po tanong ko lang po sana kasi antagal po madeliver nung parcel ko nung december 19 pa po kasi yun nasa San Fernando La Union and hindi pa po dinedeliver saakin nung 12:12...

parcel wasn't delivered

My parcel was already received on BAE CAINTA last DEC.17 and UNTIL NOW, DEC.20, my orders were STILL with them and DO NOTHING TO THAT...I am expecting it to he delivered BEFORE...

pending shopee parcel delivery

Parcels with tracking numbers PH1971292049136 and PH1913025264620 were both received at BAE NCR East EC (Cainta) last Wednesday, Dec. 11. But until today, deliveries are not yet...

my package from shopee

It says in my shopee package tracker that cosignee not available. Usually it happens when the item is COD. But my package is not. It has been paid and if ever I am not available usually the security guard in charge receives the package. The thing is the rider didn't bother calling me. Also the security guard indicated that nobody went. Lastly, will I get my item back? I already paid for it and waited several weeks. Thank you!

my package from shopee

delivery is too long

Last Dec 3 2019, my parcel is rescheduled due to bad weather condition, but it's almost 4 days since it was rescheduled and I haven't received it, how long it will take for them to deliver it? I paid it thru shopeepay and I'm worried if they will deliver it or not. I always track it and it says delivery is rescheduled and still in Tarlac. Please take an action about this and I hope your delivery service (Black arrow express) will improve!

delivery is too long
delivery is too long

returning of products seems to be too long

The parcels arrived Cebu City last November 7 and I expected to receive my parcels from shopee within that week. I already paid the products, but I guess black arrow will no longer be performing deliveries in my town unlike before. This wasn't my first or second time. If I'm going to oder with COD they would say that my area is not serviceable for COD. But when I also tried to pay them ahead still Black Arrow didnt Deliver it. My problem is that it takes too long for me to receive the refund of my payment.

returning of products seems to be too long

delivered but I haven't received any

Black arrow automated text, message me earlier this morning Nov 22, 2019 so I waited and no one showed up. I checked on my shopee app that it was for delivery by MENSERA JERAMEL B.. also it notifies me that the parcel was already DELIVERED wherein fact I did not received any.

I already inform shopee and emailed black arrow customer service about this. Just waiting for their reply. Hope this will be resolved and reported.

Tracking number: PH191281035016Q


delivered but I haven't received any

  • Updated by Leann23 · Nov 23, 2019

    Got my parcel in the morning. This problem was resolved. Thanks

rts but no delivery attempt was made

Today, the consignee texted me that my parcel is to be delivered at my school. This is a relatively easy task considering it's a famous land mark. When I replied back that I was available for the delivery, the consignee did not reply at all. And noe the status of my parcel is RTS even though I did not send it back. What is happening with your service here?

I am complaining about why my address in shopee as seller is not supported by black arrow.

I am a shopee seller with a shop name Arch Baligala Trading Post base in carles, iloilo, my pick up address is c/o Arexar Store, Guinticgan, Carles, Iloilo, i added black arrow a...

shopee product

618223 Hi! Your bacolod crew for black arrow are lazy and liars!!! How easy for them to put consignee not available when in fact I got no text message/call informing me of the delivery...


Black arrow is notorious for tagging the delivery as consignee not available when no delivery attempt was made. My packaged arrived in Iloilo Tuesday, I had to reach out to shopee...

delivery, more specifically the person delivering the package

next time you make deliveries for shoppee please send us a notification ahead of time. and on top of that your delivery men are very rude, " napaka bastos kausap walang modo"...


Can you show some proof that your delivery man was came into my shipping address? Your delivery man was a lier and irresponsible!!! They just not came here at my shipping address and just tag me as unknown consignee!!! 3 consecutive parcel they not deliver unlike your previous agent that he really came at my shipping address!!! Heres my 3 order id on shopee the he did not deliver and just tag me as unknown consignee!!!

delivery service

My order from Shopee(PH196306084726W) last October 27, 2019 (10/27/19) shows that it's on delivery by Recilla Romy Gelladula. I did not receive any text or call yesterday and...

anti-theft bag

My order from Shopee (PH195385763983S and PH196808822577I) today (11/06/19) shows that it's on delivery by Loloy Christopher Somera. I did not receive any text or call yesterday and no one went to our house to deliver my item. Now the status shows consignee
not available. That is not a valid reason because I was waiting for my parcel and nothing called me. Please deliver my items as soon as possible.


My order from Shopee (191024004138EDQ) yesterday (11/05/19) shows that it's on delivery by Gaviola Joseph Agosto. I did not receive any text or call yesterday and no one went to our house to deliver my item. Now the status shows consignee unknown. That is not a valid reason because the same person already delivered other items which I personally received. Please take action on this. Thanks.


consignee not available status

October 5, I ordered made-to-order dollshoes for me and my daughter. October 28, the item was successfully picked up by the courier. October 31 at 7am, status said it was on delivery by salem christian jay (paranaque), so that day I was expecting my parcel, but when I checked the status again by 12 in the afternoon, status stated consignee not availabe like what the h!, I did not receive any message or call and I was here waiting for my parcel. Then, awhile ago I checked the status of my parcel again and at 7am it was on delivery by salem again, but at 12afternoon the status changed to consignee not available again for the second time! Hey! I am always here! No one texted or called me.

active ang contact number ko at waiting sa deliver pero walang dumating.

ayon sa logistic tracking ko on deliver napo ang parcel ko kahapon. may nagtxt ndin po na idedeliver na nga daw po ang parcel ko pero inabot na ng gabi wla padin pong parcel na dumating. triny kong kontakin yung number na nagtxt sa akin pero pinapatay nya lang ang tawag. tinignan ko din ang tracker ko at ang nakalagay na eh consignee unknown. maghapon akong nag intay tpos ako na nga ang comontact pero bastos ang rider, pinapatayan lang ako ng tawag.

active ang contact number ko at waiting sa deliver pero walang dumating.
active ang contact number ko at waiting sa deliver pero walang dumating.

late delivery

Hi! Pwede po bang pakicheck yung package na dapat kahapon ko pa nareceive. Nung thursday po talaga ang delivery pero wala po ako noon sa bahay at walang makakareceive sa amin...


Oct. 28 2019 Di po dumating yung parcel ko. Dalawang beses ng attempt na ideliver but until now di pa rin nadating. Iyak na ng iyak kapatid ko kasi bag nya yun eh. Anu ba nmn yan...

no one came to deliver my parcel

I was expecting my parcel yesterday because I am not able to get my item last Oct 28 for no one is in the house and no one wants to help me with my parcel. Yesterday, I've waited for my parcel to come but the consignee didn't come. Please take actions for this matter thank you. I am so disappointed to your services We were expecting the product to come by that day but what happened? so disappointing.

no one came to deliver my parcel

consignee not available

You texted me 10am in the morning today, October 26, 2019 that you're going to deliver a watch I ordered from shopee. So I didn't go to my appointment today to wait for my parcel, ref: PH198513911899G, to be delivered by Mr. Praile Glenn Michael Cajiben. I waited all day yet I did not receive my parcel, then you'll put "consignee not available" on the update on shopee? I was at home waiting, all day, but it never arrived! Please improve your service, It's disappointing. First time happened to me.

consignee not available

  • Updated by · Oct 26, 2019

    Before that pala, shopee told me I’ll receive the parcel by October 20, 2019. October 18 andun na ang parcel sa inyo tapos ngayong 26 niyo lang idedeliver (na di naman nadeliver). Almost 1 week yung parcel sa inyo. 😤

status delivered but didn't receive any orders.

618223 Hi. My status was delivered but I didnt receive any items. I have 2 items. One was a mini vape the other one was tempered glass 9d. I have already paid for the vape while the 9d...

my parcel

618223 Irereklamo ko po si de guzman jeremiah salazar tracking #ph1923022267956 hindi dumating ung order ko. Lumabas sa shopee notif ko na order recieved pero october 19 2019 idedeliver...


618223 I received twice the message that my parcel is in delivery. I've waited for the call of the delivery man, twice, but I haven't received one. When I checked my parcel status, it...

order delivery from shoppe philippines

I wait for a 2 week for my product to arrived but there is no delivery man came then I checked the status of my parcel and it stated there that delivery fail due to consignee is not available what the heck. I don't even went out or went to the market because I was waiting for my delivery !! I want to asked what is the best thing to do in this kind of situation? I always order online but this is the first time it's happened to me. It makes me feel sad and a bit angry. Actually, I have another delivery coming and also it's almost one week yet there still no delivery coming . 😭😭

order delivery from shoppe philippines


Tracking no. PH192516434385O

I have been waiting for my order. No delivery man came, yet in the status, it said the maximun number of attempts to deliver has been reached. The status now is RTS: On Return. I am not sure what it means but I am afraid it may mean that it is being returned to the seller. Please help.

I've had missed calls from unknown numbers recently. They may be from the delivery men... I am not sure. If it was them, I wish they had also texted me when their call was not answered. I don't know if they were not able to locate the address or if they thought nobody was there to receive the package. I would have known had they texted me at least.

Hopefully I'll still be able to get my orders. Kindly help me sort this out. Thank you for your understanding.

undelivered item

The item I ordered arrive 10/12/2019 hanggang ngaun wla pa. They kept saying na the item will be delivered since 10/14/2019 and hanggang wla. Anong klaseng delivery service na yan? Shopee should change shipping carrier. Basura ang services ng Black Arrow. They said consignee out eh wala namang delivery. Katamaran ng ngdedeliver. Dapat sa mga yan palitan.

undelivered item

I haven't received my order yet

I haven't received my order yet. Yet at my ‘to receive' section from Shopee that im going to receive the product this day. The driver texted me that they're on their way, prepare your payment and i waited and waited until it didn't came. BAE should warn their employees to message first the buyer, text the buyers that where exactly the house, etc. I've experienced this many times including food deliveries. So please, try to contact first the buyers, ask us u know.

memory card 32gb

September 28 i place my order and it takes 15 days waiting to recieve my order until now di ko pa din na recieve... The courier texted me yesterday that he is going to deliver the said parcel but the rider is not around. I waited it all day but wala talagang courier na dumating... I check my order update and its said consignee not available. How could he say that i am not available though whole day im at my house waiting the courier to deliver my parcel. I called him many times but the courier keep on rejecting my call! Ang bastos!!! Know your limits courier its your job to deliver the said order though it not so expensive but i waited it too long... The couriers name here in cdo is Dalaygon Revel Jaramillo.

delivery and the rider

I placed the order Sept 30 pa lang and i have been patient waiting for the order until oct 10 a rider from black arrow called napakarude at walang galang na nag aask ng address ko where it was not his 1st time to deliver. Tapos pagdating apartment he forced me to go down dahil baka mawala daw yung ibang dala nya. So i left my baby crying para lang babain sya tapos sasabihan pa ko na ang bagal ko daw. I told him I have a baby crying sana umakyat na lang sya. To my horror he said hindi ko naman daw babayaran yung mga gamit nya pag nawala kaya magtiis daw ako. Napakabastos at walang galang! I have been ordering thru shopee for a very long time and he was the only rider na napakawalang modo! In a customer service industry like this, hindi dapat pinapatagal ang mga ganyan kabastos na mga tao.

diaper sets that are supposed to be received already yesterday but until today haven't arrived yet.

last time, my parcel was not delivered due to negligence that it was lost, based on the communications i have made with BAE. this kind of a bad experience strated to happen when the BAE courier assigned in our area has changed. Maybe the previous delivery man has already resigned. The new delivery boy appears to be sluggish always, not prepared to deliver until it is 2pm onwards of the day.

parcel from overseas

618223 I've been waiting for my order thru shoppee From overseas and everything was good until it said na my address was incomplete and I wasn't contacted that my parcel will arrive...

I was marked as “consignee not available” but clearly no one came to deliver my parcel

Hello. Madedeliver niyo ba yung parcel ko today? Kasi yesterday i received a text message that it will be deliver. So I waited yesterday. But no one came. Then I checked the tracking logistic on shoppee and it was marked as "Consignee not available" and clearly no one came to deliver the parcel. I was home the whole day because yesterday was my rest day. We have CCTV to prove that no one came. My tracking number is PH1932485866880. Reply ASAP thank you.

delay of parcel delivery

618223 I have been waiting for my parcel since Saturday . but i received nothing and it always says consignee not available .. its been 2 day delay .. so when am i going to expect my...