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item not delivered

Hi. I placed order number 2960873 on [protected]:43:10, a month and a half ago. The items have not been delivered. The tracking has had no updates for 3 weeks. I have sent several emails and made phone calls and I just get told to wait, and that they'll let me know, and then ignore subsequent emails. I've asked for a full refund instead, and even that has been refused. Basically, it seems that this is nothing more than a scam and I just want a full refund to draw a line under this situation!

customer service

I place an order on Tuesday April 10th. Within minutes I reached out to customer service to see how I could go about canceling it. I did not receive a response until the following day asking me what my reason was. I informed them that I found options elsewhere. It is 4 days later now in the most recent email I received this morning is again asking me what my reasoning is. I have tried to call the customer service line several times only to be on hold forever and eventually be attracted to a line that has a mailbox that is full. I have never received worse customer service with an online shopping experience. I need my order cancelled now, and I need a refund as soon as possible.

Thank you.

customer service/ shipping

This is a horrible company!!! I ordered from them 6 weeks ago and paid expedited shipping... I still haven't recieved my order!!! This order is for easter outfits for my grandchildren... Every time I call customer service they say they're doing the best they can! It was finally mailed about 10 days ago... Supposedly with expidited shipping... Still nothing!!! When I put the tracking number in to every shipping company website it shows no history of that tracking number. What next?!?!?!?!!! The order was about $150... Is this $150 wasted?!?!?!!! Feeling ripped off😡😡😡😡😡😡

ordered items

I just received my package about an hour ago with the items I ordered and I'm very sad because it's not the quality I expected to get... One of the items ( the "2-piece Pretty Tassel Floral Sleeveless Bodysuit and Headband for Baby Girl") is completely broken inside. The other items are in "acceptable" condition (if I cut the hanging threads and fix the sewings on many places)...

ordered items


long sleeve hoodie

I order an X-Large on this item. You sent small. I sent back. You sent medium. What part of XLarge do you not understand? No one will contact me after several tries. This is not the first bad experience I have had with this place. Prices are cheap but so is the merchandise. In stead of wasting time going to Post Office I will trash the top!! Not worth my time and gas!

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order not shipped

I ordered 17 items on 13 January. Until this day, the order wasn't shipped and they cannot tell me when it will arrive. Of course you must pay when you place the order, so I think I just lost 250 dollars, as i read reviews from people who never got a refund.

I can understand it takes time for the shippment, but they didn't even sent it! How can it take 2 months to pack some clothes? I'm very disappointed. I'm just sorry I didn'y believe the comments i read online about them,

My advice is not to order from this website. I know they are cute and cheap, but trust me, it's a scam. Hopefuly at least other people won't get tricked.

[Resolved] terrible quality

I ordered three items from Patpat as a gift for a friend. I didn't thoroughly check all items before wrapping and giving the gift to my friend. She returned one of the items to me last week because it was not sewn properly. When I took a picture and sent to their customer service department, I was told "sorry but we have a 14 day policy on returns, " which I admit had already expires. But, the product was DAMAGED. It shouldn't be up to a customer to catch damage. It should be done within their company. All I wanted was a replacement pair of pants. I will never order from them again because of this experience. I'm including a picture of the damaged item. Shame on your Patpat


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • PatPat's response · Mar 01, 2018


    Thank you for raising the issue with us. We would like to find possible resolution for your concern.

    Please provide us with the Order # and email address so we can further assist you.

    We await your response. Thank you!

  • Ka
    kasotasharon Aug 30, 2018

    I ordered two dresses in size 4-5. They arrived, but one is small and the other is huge. Both are marked 4-5. One dress is also poorly sewn with hanging threads and mismatched stitching. I know this business requests pictures so I sent along 5 photos with my complaint. I received a reply that said I had to send pictures. Mine met their description and the labels could be clearly read. The person who responded obviously did not open the attachments even though I mentioned the pictures in my complaint or they can not read English or they or they did not open the attachments because this is some sort of stalling technique.

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[Resolved] multiple items

I ordered several things. One had a yellow stain on it. Another had broken pieces. On another, the tag was sown on the outside of the dress. I also didn't receive one of the items I ordered. Due to my concerns expressed more than 14 days past the date. Customer service wouldn't work with me to exchange or return any of the items and wouldn't send me the item i didn't receive. Please don't order from this company. You WILL be disappointed. The shoes are cheaply made and we will probably throw them away. Not worth the blisters.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • PatPat's response · Mar 01, 2018


    We value every customer's feedback and we constantly look for ways and methods to provide excellent service. Rest assured that we will look into this kind of issue so this will be prevented from happening.

    We apologize if you felt that your case was not handled properly. We have talked to the representative who handled your case and take the necessary action to prevent this in the future.

    We understand that you requested for return and we normally follow our 14-day Return Policy as it is also offered to all our customers. As a valued customer, we are giving you one-time consideration and will process the 50% refund you previously agreed.

    We submitted the request for a 50% refund. Amount will be $50.46.

    Refund will be applied on the same mode of payment used in the order.

    Our Billing Department will process the request. Please allow 2-5 business days for this to be completed.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. We will be happy to assist you. Have a wonderful day!


I wish I had read these reviews before falling into the trap of pretty clothes pictures from what seemed like a well established us-based online shop. Ever since then, my experience has been pretty much the same nightmare as of everyone else on this site - you select a 5-15 day delivery, they charge you immediately, only after you pay you get an email that it may actually be some 30+ days, the company in reality operates from somewhere in china, and then you basically never hear from them again. It is irrelevant where the company ships from - if they offer a 5-15 day delivery, it is unacceptable that customers wait for months, receive just half of the order or faulty goods - and there is no remedy.

As the customer service ignores your queries - the best part comes when you reach out to them on facebook. You can see that any negative feedback gets immediately erased and the comments section blocked. A "very professional way of dealing with customer feedback on their poor service". While the company may not have time to ship you the goods, it has time to clean up the online image - which then leads just to further misleading of customers. All you can then find online is just loads of polished promo and just positive comments of clueless "sooo cute, I need to buy it all" people.

Never mind the money lost - it is however the time to stop these scammers! Several of us have lodged complaints against their misleading advertising and business practices of patpat. Do speak up and spread the word through different fora!

return/cancellation policy

I placed my order on 11/28/17. With no response from them on the status of the order by 12/8, I contacted...

no answer from seller company

hi. My name is Aynur, I am from Azerbaijan and on 11 the of Jan I ordered some cloture's from and start waiting for my parcel. My order number is PAT-2466186 and I paid 88 USD. Also I start to check my order status everyday. Now my order status from 17thof January is shipped and truck number is :RS936310065NL Netherlands Post - Posting. When I check it from truck number I parcel is on shipper warehouse. I contact with sealer company from mails no one answered to me. I find them from facebook and write messages to them and still I cant get from them exact answer when my parcel will be delivered. I am afraid that I lost my 88 USD and they will not delivered my parcel to me, and no one is answer to my mails and messages. Kindly ask your help to me to find my parcel or excat answer from saler company regarding my parcel. WHen it will be delivered to me

customer service

I am absolutely disgusted with this company. I ordered my items in early November and didn't receive them...

customer service and never receiving my order

I placed an order on December 14th, order ##2292587, and paid $15.00 for expedited shipping. I followed up with an email stating that if I would not receive the order by December 23rd I would need to cancel. You responded on December 17th with an email stating that the order had already been shipped. As of today, January 2, I still do not have the order. My son and his family missed family pictures for Christmas and then New Year's as well. I would like a complete refund, including shipping. And to make it all worse, I've tried phoning several times only to hold and then be connected with a recording saying to leave an email.

pajamas for the family

The items I received were of good quality and not what pictured when I placed the order, the pants were navy...

Ticonderoga Other


Dealing with them is like a road to nowhere. Seriously.
Customer service is unreachable. Once you paid, you can say goodbye to them. At least, my experience wasn't positive, as you can see.
I ordered several items for my son, paid it, but never received them.
It's been 3 months since I placed my order. Isn't it wild?
I made numerous attempts to contact them, and just once one of them talked to me but hung up on me in the middle of the conversation.
For god's sake, what's going on out there?

products were cheaply made and sizes nowhere near normal sizes

Company has clothing made in china where sizes are nowhere near a regular persons size. Material on 4 sets of family pajamas was extremely cheap and scratchy. They said they would refund but I have to pay return shipping which cost 1/3 the amount of the order itself! So much for a quality guarantee!! There was no customer service number so you have to email back and forth to have a conversation with someone and they only answer you every other day. Only way to put a stop to their scamming was to complain to my american express and file a complaint. Don't use this company!!! Major scam issues and no customer service. You will regret it. Clothes are very very cheaply made.

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Dec 18, 2017

    Unfortunately complaining to A.E., in this case, won't have much effect. You may not be happy with the quality or sizing, but what was promised was delivered. Further, they're okay with providing a refund as long as you get the merchandise back to them. It may not be something you're happy with, but it's reasonable.

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delivery/customer service

I ordered in September. Turns out 3rd party delivery company tried to delivery in October, but needed to verify address. I was never contacted. Then in November, PatPat emailed saying parcel has shipped, here is tracking. TRACKING STILL SAYS ITS ON ITS WAY. IN DECEMBER. I bypasses PatPat and went to the delivery company directly. They have cancelled the delivery, stating unable to deliver. I've given them my complete correct address, and they say they will post it. I contacted PatPAT and they just gave me the speech about things can be slow etc etc Then they told me to contact the 3rd party delivery company. That should be their job no? So still haven't received by package and am appalled by the customer service and lack of any quality from PatPat.

no customer service, wrong items, no refund, no support 100% scam

order n. (n.PAT-1910766)
i placed a 70usd order. I received the wrong items. I wrote them many times sending them photos of the wrong items but i've always received just empty and useless answers from them where it was clear they didn't go through my emails.

The only reaction they had was to offer me a partial refund (50%) to keep the wrong items, or to send them back with the shipment costs on my account. They applied a policy for a return not for a commercial dispute.

The interaction with the customer support is cumbersome and not effective. This is how ecommerce shouldn't work.

Bad experience, I've lost 70 usd and time.

I will try to proceed with some legal action

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Dec 14, 2017

    Return Policy: Interfocus will only accept returns on products that are identified as eligible for return or are received damaged. Once Interfocus confirms that your Product was returned in accordance with this policy, your credit card or PayPal account will be fully refunded. We do not accept any Product exchanges.

    If the Product arrived damaged (“Damaged Product”), Interfocus will accept returns for a full refund only in accordance with the Return Procedures below. Once Interfocus confirms that you received a Damaged Product that was returned in accordance with the Return Procedures below, your sole and exclusive remedy is that (a) we will issue a refund to your credit card or PayPal account in the amount charged for the Damaged Product (if your credit card or PayPal account has already been charged for the Product) or (b) we will not charge your credit card or PayPal account for the Damaged Product. The refunded amount will include the applicable Delivery Fee.

    Return Procedures: All returns must be made within 14 days after the Product delivery date. All returned Products must be unused (e.g., not worn, washed, damaged, or altered) and returned in accordance with the instructions received from contacting customer service as per the Site. You are solely responsible for the cost of shipping the returned Product. All Products not returned in accordance with the Return Procedures shall be sent back to you, and no credit or refund will be issued.

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scammer! they took my $ and did not delivery, no response and no refund!

The website states I will receive my order in 4-6 days but after 10 days, my order showed it's still processing.

I then request for a cancellation with full refund under the 14-days cancellation terms. No reply from customer service for 3 days, then Patpat emailed to say that my order has been sent. However, I've tracked my order and nothing has been sent. I emailed customer service many times but no reply from them, and I've not received my order.

Please order from other website as Patpat is out to cheat your $. Take care and stay away from this scam!


I ordered 10 pairs of PJs for everyone to wear on Christmas and spend over $200. I ordered them in the beginning of November and just yesterday received 7 out of 10 pairs. The men sizes, large and extra large run very small and the extra large came with a large cut in the pants, near the knee. The other 3 PJs have not arrived yet. They should be in soon and I am scared that they won't fit or have holes in them. The company says they are located in CA but the package came from Hong Kong and that is why it took a month and a half to receive them. Now I need to return 2 of them because of the cut and size but PatPat's customer service is non existence and I can't order more because I will never receive them in time for Christmas. I am really bummed. and I feel like I was scammed out of a lot of money. :(

I would like to be refunded for the PJs that are too small and riped or I would like new ones to be shipped overnight

Order number: 1738354



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