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I ordered a stero from this godforsaken co. Big, big mistake. They had it listed in catalog for $177.99.. Not too bad, so I ordered it. My first bill arrived with amount of $399.99!! No way in hades would I have paid that much for this piece of crap.. I called and advised I had been overcharged. They said the catalog was a misprint and the wrong price was put under wrong item; not my problem.. They gave me a $120.00 credit.. That was not even close to what I should have been credited back. I kept my payments up for the $177.99 and pif on 8/14/2019. But yet I kept getting bills for $169.00. I called again.. Told this was finance charges since I had not pd. On several months.. I ask why should I pay on an account that was pif... They say now it wasnt.. Called again.. Was told by supervisor that yes acct. Was pif as of 8/14/2019.. Feb.20 get an alert from my credit monitoring.. Saying they had issued a derogatory statement on my credit file with experian. It dropped my credit score over 300 freaking points with experian!!! I'm so mad at these people.. I made my 11th phone call to this crap co. And got a supervisor by the name of sue whom was the ugliest, rudest and most smart ass person I have talked to yet, & i've spoke to 10 of them.. She would not listen, kept interrupting me and started hollering at me. I dont think so!!! I have filed complaints with all credit bureaus, the bbb in wisconsin where their located and filed a psc complaint against them. They are theives who dont give a damn about their customers.. We are just a voice on the line, they don't have to face us in person so they speak to their customer base how ever they please. I'll never order from them or their other companies and will be the worst advertisement they ever had. Don't buy from these crooks!! You will regret it.. And sue advised me they would not remove the remark on my credit file in a very snerky way... Snerk on sue.. One of these days karma is gonna catch up, and I hope i'm diving the bus!! Terrible company with horrible customer service and even worse so called supervisors. Would ve wuse to stay far, far away from these swindlers.

no record of payment after sending proof

I ordered a set of cookware. Received in good condition and made a payment of 72.48. Keep getting calls of...

placing a hard inquiry on my credit for 2 years

I paid my bill for Seventh Avenue on line then placed an order for $27. I was then notified of a hard inquiry placed on my credit. I then contacted SA customer service to find out why. I had been a cardholder for over 5yrs and had available credit. I was told that a request was being submitted to remove the inquiry and to check back next week. This took place on 1/2/20. I called to check the status of this issue on 1/6/20 and was told not only was there not a request submitted I was then shuffled around to 2 additional people finally getting the credit department. I was then told I needed to dispute this inquiry with the credit bureau. I then contacted Transunion credit bureau and explained the situation and was directed to contact SA to request a letter to remove the inquiry. I contacted SA again and was shuffled around again until I finally got the credit department. I spoke with a representative named Lynn L.V.M. and was told that even though I paid my bill and placed my order on the same day my payment posted the next day and because of this technicality I was told there's nothing they can do to help remedy this situation, and was denied the removal letter I requested all while being given the condescending apology. I closed my account with this company. I definitely do not want to place orders or participate in any transactions with a company that would pull these types of underhanded actions on there customers. I would warn any future people applying for credit with this Co. To beware, they have unscrupulous tactics. I definitely will never order anything else from SA and intent to warn as many people as I can not to patronize this Co.

platinum ll sofa and loveseat (red)

I contacted your company in regard to a ripped sofa cushion. I purchased the set over 18 months ago. I spoke to a lovely customer service agent, Shianna, who was willing to help me get replacement cushions. When she batches me through to her supervisor, Nancy, I was told that they were unwilling to help me replace the cushions despite me letting her know I was willing to pay for them. She continued with one word answers and was not willing to assist me in trying to work out a solution. I enjoy this furniture and always complemented the company, however after dealing with Nancy and the brick wall of not getting replacement cushions, I will be shopping elsewhere. Please look into this issue and possibly help me find replacements.

supersonic sc-499 portable tv

Ordered a Portable TV a SuperSonic SC-499 Seventh Avenue price $149.99 + Shipping and Handling $22.95 for a...

no delivery

This company gave me so much credit and after I paid my balance completely, they kept sending my email notices to spend 3500.00 during Christmas.  Now that I did and wanted to charge 1061.00 and I was supposed to receive my delivery today 10-18-2019 so I called and they said that I needed to pay 1000.00 deposit after being a loyal customer since 2012.  Seventh Avenue has never done this with me ever until today and I'm extremely disappointed with them, they said something on my credit report reflected this discussion.  But I've had an account since 2012 without any issues.  This is how you treat a trusted loyal customer!!!

customer service

I was a client for years. Easy credit, high interest and high shipping charges, some excellent products at higher markups than is usual in retail necessary because "easy credit" means high default rates among their core clientele. Many clients are like me, on a fixed income and don't want to or aren't able to obtain traditional credit cards. So I happily replaced my favorite Skecher's shoes 4 times using their online site. Little by little you buy more. So my balance kept rising and they happily kept increasing my credit line...S0 I achieved a balance of just under $1800.00 and decided to pay a thousand to reduce my indebtedness. After I paid my monthly payment did not reduce. Somewhere hidden in the fine print is apparently a notice that your monthly payment NEVER goes lower than your highest balance required. That is an interesting policy. I spent my life working in retail management and never have heard of such a policy before this instance.
They also operate under a large number of names that they have acquired over the years, Montgomery Ward, Swiss Chalet, Ginny's, etc. They send out legions of catalogs with pre-approved credit tied to your personal information completely unsolicited by you. This makes fraud really easy for the casual criminal. People find that they owe for a product they have never ordered or received from a company they have never heard of or done business with.
Not all of their products are shoddy, but many of them are. I still enjoy some of my purchases over the years. But this customer service issue regarding credit balances and never decreasing payments have me closing my account and paying off my balance today. BE WARNED!


I've been so sick that I had to close my account out, then I called them and told them that I would be paying only $20 on my account until after April of next yr. The person on the other end said she would note the account I don't think she did, because I keep getting a nasty letter from a Rudolph stating that it will go to collections if I don't pay the $89 right away. When you close out an account they are suppose to take all interest off and not charge a late fee. My bill isn't due till the 25th and I pay the $20 on the 3rd but still they charge a late fee. I was told to contact a credit counseling in my area I did and was told that since I made arrangements to pay the $20 a month they have to except it, this is going to the BBB for harrassment and yes their stuff are very costly. They will keep on raising your credit limit until you can't afford to buy or pay they are rip offs

Free credit

These guys gave away a TV! An identity thief gave my name and address, that's all. Seventh Avenue sent the thief a $900 TV (to a different address in another state), and sent me the bill. They did not confirm any additional information, or have any of my credit information. They just created their own new credit account and billed me. Needless to say, I didn't pay. PS: Best Buy sells the same TV for $300

False Credit report

They have a false claim on me that just happened to get paid off by insurance it says on my credit. These people are rude and I've never did business with them. In 2008 i was in mental health care so no way... I suffer from PTSD and thanks for abusing my credit because I was mentally "legally crazy" reason put in Behavior institute. ... I wanna lawyer but can get one on my lil ck i get and food stamps don't pay bills... people like this have me financially struggles...

This company calls me and offers their production

I’m really annoyed by the company Seventh Avenue. Once I ordered from them, and now they continued to...

Consumer Service

I call consumer service about my bill. I have always paid my bill at the end of the month. I have been doing...


Seventh Avenue has been reporting a charged-off debt of $253 on my credit report since 2005, and I have been disputing it with the credit bureaus since 2005. I never bought anything from Seventh Avenue - never even HEARD of them until they appeared on my credit report. Each time I disputed the charge, I requested that they send me some type of proof that I had purchased something from them. They responded to each dispute as "debt confirmed as accurate" but would never send me anything else. Since it was the only blemish on my credit report, it was not causing much of a negative effect, so I haven't pressed the issue, beyond sending the dispute letter every few months. However, it now appears that the company has found a way around the seven year limit for reporting derogatory information! A few months back, my credit report showed that this would drop off in November of 2011. Last month I checked, and the "drop off date" had changed to March 2012. Today I checked and the date is now August 2012!! Deciding that this item would NEVER be deleted from my report, I searched until I found a number for the company and contacted them by phone. Naturally, with this being from 2005, they have NOTHING to send me as proof that this is my debt. BUT they still refuse to remove it from my credit report and offered only to send me an "FTC packet" to dispute the item - even though they confirmed that their records show I've been disputing it since 2005!! When they get the packet back from me, then they will CONSIDER removing the item. How can it be legal for them to continue reporting this when they can't provide proof that I ever bought anything from them??

  • Wi
    WIllNotGiveUp Feb 08, 2013

    Same exact situation with me. Disputed over 25 times in 8 years. Date of last activity keeps 'changing' at random. Have never had activity with them! Straight up illegal! Im trying to find people who would like to organize a class action law suit through the FTC or some legal avenue.

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  • Ih
    Ihateseventhavenue Feb 24, 2020

    @WIllNotGiveUp I'm in..they've done the same to me and I'm so pissed off at these ugly, rude theiving buttholes..They are out right stealing from customers..then runing our credit when I was told by them they didn't report to Credit Agencies..BS!!! They are liars too.

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  • Ha
    happygyrlll Mar 15, 2013

    I have asked them for proof of dates also but have gotten nowhere I also got "debt confirmed as accurate" but no proof. I would join with you.

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  • Ge
    Gerald Nobles Dec 04, 2014

    Same problem

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  • Ch
    Chris Barmore Nov 10, 2015

    I'm dealing with the same issue right now.

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  • An
    Anna48 Apr 06, 2017

    may I ask how you are disputing the account? Are you trying to dispute with the creditor itself, or are you disputing it with the 3 credit bureaus? FCRA states that any account that can't be verified, (and by verified I mean the credit bureaus have to prove the debt is yours by providing you with the original contract with your signature on it) if they cannot, then by federal law, the debt HAS to be deleted there are no exceptions to this law.

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  • Ih
    Ihateseventhavenue Feb 24, 2020

    @Anna48 Really?? Nice to know..they don't have my signature on anything!!

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One BIG joke!

I ordered 2 gift certificates through and LUCKILY I ended up just using them myself because after I placed my order, and waited, and waited, and waited, I called into their customer service line to check on the status of the order to find out where it was and they told me I still had a balance. I was annoyed at the fact that they didn't make contact to fix the issue. Then to make it worse, the NEXT day I checked the status of my order and they CANCELED the ENTIRE THING!! Ridiculous! I called into the customer service line ONCE AGAIN and they couldn't tell me why it was canceled. The gift certificates were canceled. The lady who was on the phone said they it looks like they may have canceled because I had gift certificates in with their affiliate sites. Seriously?? you would think they would want the money! I have already received a bill in the mail for the gift certificates and I have never received any product. This whole thing is a joke. I don't see how anyone would order from them. I have a lot of time that was wasted. I ordered gifts that were personalized and for certain occasions and now, I must rush to find other ideas. I am very disgusted at this company. DO NOT ORDER!

  • Ba
    bayegirl Oct 23, 2011

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Credit Scam

I am complaining about Seventh Avenue Revolving Charge Credit. I received a catalog advising me that I was pre-approved for $400 credit. When I returned the order form to use $200 of my available, in order to begin building my revolving credit, I was called one time to confirm the amount of my monthly income. When I did this I was informed that my order would be shipped out that following Friday, to arrive in 7-10 business days. That was Feb 18th. My order never arrived and was never shipped. Every time I call Seventh Avenue to speak with their credit dept, the recorded message tells me they are busy serving other customers, and to please call back at a later time. This has happened to me every time I call for the last 2 weeks-- every time of the day-- morning, afternoon, evening. I am very suspicious that this alleged "credit office" does not even exist? Perhaps, the business known as "Seventh Avenue" does not even exist? That means that I have filled out the preliminary application with my social security number to be used perhaps in some phishing scam? Please investigate what is going on with this company? I do not have bad credit. I just received my latest Credit Bureau report from all 3 credit reporting agencies, showing that I have no outstanding debts, no pendng collections, no judgments, absolutely NOTHING derogatory. My record is squeaky clean! Since my credit worthiness is not the issue, what is going on with Seventh Avenue? Why did they pre-approve me for $400? And why can't I utilize part of this pre-approval for a purchase? And why is their Credit Office avoiding their Customers' calls? This appears to be a very serious credit scam in the making! Please investigate ASAP! My contact information is on the bottom of this communication:

Nancy J. Bussey
phone: [protected]

  • Ka
    Kartone Mar 01, 2010

    I ordered several items from Seventh Avenue. None of them arrived damaged, but one of the big items that cost $40 to ship cracked AFTER we put it together. So in order to get a refund of $250, we'd have to pay another $40 or more to ship it back - out of pocket. Plus we'd have to take it all apart after taking two hours to put it together in the first place. Another item we purchased also did not go together well at all. We also paid an additional #40 for shipping for that item. We will not be purchasing anymore items from Seventh Avenue.

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  • Be
    beauty4ashes Apr 16, 2010

    Seventh Avenue is a rip-off big time. They overcharged on items that you will eventually find for half their price. I had a bad experience with a Dining Nook that I was paying on, when I saw the same nook for half their price. I contacted Seventh Avenue and was inform that if I send in the ad where it was being offer cheaper they will do a price match. I did and got the run around by rude representatives. I eventually got my money back. The hell with Seventh Avenue and their high prices and higher interest ( loan sharks) rates.

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  • Da
    Damien King Jun 23, 2017

    @beauty4ashes They want 800 dollars for a xbox one that can be bought at gamestop for 250

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  • Be
    beauty4ashes Apr 16, 2010

    I had to make some changes to my previous post:

    Seventh Avenue is a rip-off big time. They overcharged on items that you will eventually find for half their price. I had a bad experience with them when I was making payments on a Dining Nook from them, , when I saw the same nook for half their price. I contacted Seventh Avenue and was inform that if I send in the ad where it was being offer cheaper they will do a price match. I did and got the run around by rude representatives. I eventually got my money back. The hell with Seventh Avenue and their high prices and higher interest ( loan sharks) rates.

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  • Dr
    Druker Feb 12, 2012

    I ordered two shelving units. I knew they were overpriced but I liked the way they looked so I ordered them anyway. I made the first payment on them of $20. When I later opened them, I spent over an hour just trying to do the first couple steps of assembly. They did not fit well and I could not get them together. So I sent them back and asked for a refund. I had to pay $15 to return them. When I called about my refund, I was told I will only get $2.05 back. I said I paid $20 and the CSR said I had to cover the cost of their shipping. I said "So I had to pay the shipping there and back?" She basically said yes, and asked why I thought they should absorb the cost. I said most companies do, and not only that, but many places send a shipping label or let you return things COD if you are not happy. She still said "Why should we absorb the cost of shipping?" I just hung up on her, knowing the useless argument could go on all day.

    DO NOT order from this company. So now I have paid $17.95 for them to ship something to me, and $15 for me to ship it back. That is $32.95 and I have nothing to show for it. And by the way, I am still waiting for my measly $2.05!

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  • Fu
    furthermore Jan 28, 2013

    Yes they did me the same way, except they wanted me to send a payment. I also found out they use another name and # you can get hold of an person. Good Luck

    Phone: (608) 328-8400

    View Additional Phone Numbers

    1112 7th Ave, Monroe, WI 53566
    View Additional Email Addresses

    View Additional Web Addresses

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  • Valemmons Jul 20, 2010

    Contact the three major credit bureaus: equifax transunion and experian and dispute this. They will investigate for you and if it is legitimate they will rescore for you. Companies like this are what hurt peoples credit but do the right thing and you can beat them. I used to go after these guys for my clients when I was a loan officer. Best of luck!

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  • Ih
    Ihateseventhavenue Feb 24, 2020

    They have done they sane thing to me!!

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  • Tr
    trey121 Feb 26, 2010


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  • So
    SoWhat Feb 27, 2010

    I've never had a problem with them, I placed my order with no problems

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  • Ki
    kiiraL Jan 17, 2011

    please tell me a site I can trust

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  • Ni
    nigel wagner Aug 06, 2015

    did they ever asked for a down payment before they shipped you items

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Do not purchase from them

I ordered several items from Seventh Avenue. None of them arrived damaged, but one of the big items that cost $40 to ship cracked AFTER we put it together. So in order to get a refund of $250, we'd have to pay another $40 or more to ship it back - out of pocket. Plus we'd have to take it all apart after taking two hours to put it together in the first place. Another item we purchased also did not go together well at all. We also paid an additional #40 for shipping for that item. We will not be purchasing anymore items from Seventh Avenue.

terrible service

In January of 2006 I ordered a pot &pan set from them. Once the set had arrived I only used them for a week...