PatPat Complaints & Reviews

PatPat / toddler clothing

Sep 12, 2019

I received my order this week. To start it off, the slits on the over-alls, weren't cut. I had to cut them open myself. This morning I put the pair of pants on him. Within an hour of playing inside with me (no rough housing) his pants literally came apart at the seams. These are a loose...

PatPat / clothes

Sep 07, 2019

PatPatHi there, So I saw online clothes on PatPat which were on sale & so I purchased it and it cost me $46.98NZD. However, I checked my bank acc to find that they have charged me $75.96NZD instead when it stated that it was free delivery if I purchased over the price of $35NZD. This is the...

PatPat / never received my order

Sep 04, 2019

I ordered 4 outfits for my then 2 weeks old grandson and my granddaughter due in 2/20. I have not received my order but received shipping notice on 8/23. I have contact the company and always received a reply but with the same generic answer that after it leaves their shipping partner...

PatPat / took my money with no product. 4 weeks and counting!

Sep 03, 2019

Placed an order for a baby shower gift on8/12/19 It is now 9/3/19 no one gets back to you. I had to comment on a Instagram pat pat company post to get a response which was very generic. Their apology how they ship world wow! I had ordered several items totally about 68 dollars. I...

PatPat / cloth diapers - many styles

Aug 28, 2019

PatPatPat Pat is selling products with prints designed by my company for our use exclusively. All rights to my company Bambooty Pty Ltd. I have tried to contact Pat Pat via their website and Facebook page twice. I have been ignored. These products are supplied by a manufacturer in China who i...

PatPat / cloth quality and return request

Aug 13, 2019

Products I received are very poor quality and does not match what it is displayed on the board. Since I am not satisfied with the products would like to start return of items and would like my refund. I have initiated return request two time until now and havn't received any further return...

PatPat / regarding pat pat services

Jul 25, 2019

I placed and order on 07/03/2019 and today on 07/25 I am still waiting for that order. While talking to the pat pat agent she says order has been shipped but they have no idea why it's not delivered yet. She provided me the delivery guy number and upon calling him back he says he hadn't...

PatPat / returns/refund

Jun 29, 2019

I have now been requesting for several days a refund of items received. Correspondence from customer service has been excruciatingly slow. Returns procedure is POOR, having to take pictures of items returning (of which I have fully complied with) but am yet to have a resolve of the problem!! The...

PatPat / order not received

Jun 27, 2019

I sent an e-mail a while back, but you responded and said that I needed to provide the order number and my e-mail address. I don't have the order number however, I have the payment informaiton from my account - PAYPAL [protected]. I'm not sure if this is the order number, but thought I would...

PatPat / order hasn't been received

Jun 06, 2019

I have ordered a USA Mountain Jacket from PatPat on 03.04.2019. The order has been paid but still today is 06.06.2019. I have wrote them already about the order which I still haven't received and still no feedback from them. They haven't returned my money back and also haven't answered me...

PatPat / breastfeeding tops for my daughter

Jun 04, 2019

I ordered 3 or 4 breastfeeding tops for my daughter who is due to have a baby in about 2 weeks, on May 7, 2019. I checked for the delivery of the package, since she didn't receive it and it said it was being sent back to the merchant. Myk name is Mary Jo Morrison and it was being shipped...

PatPat / refund

Jun 01, 2019

PatPatI had my order placed and they were taking long to send so I asked for a refund. They ignore two emails when I asked for a refund this was a span of about 5 days and no response from them. And then I emailed them again saying that I was going to the BBB and complain and they email me back...

PatPat / interfocus receipt # [protected]

May 28, 2019

Interfocus says that the above order was delivered 5/13/2019 but my son's family never received it at 16755 Coyote Brush Dr, Unit 74, San Diego, Ca 92127. I wrote back to [protected] on 5/23 who had emailed me back with delivery details forwarding an email from my son and...

PatPat / re: invoice 5111602 wrong size!

May 28, 2019

I ordered a Babydeer/elephant/crocodile print short sleeve romper for my grandson in the 12-18 month size and you sent me a 00! This will NOT fit a 12 to 18 month old baby but a 3-6 month old baby. I have decided to keep it because I can give it to somebody else as a gift. I would like to...

PatPat / wrong size

May 09, 2019

14th of April I ordered some clothes that I received the second of May. One of the outfit was a Nature Leaves Family Matching Set Green | Men: L Patpat have send to me another size, more precisely XXXL I have sent 2 emails to Patpat requesting the return of the product and they haven't...

PatPat / not contacting me after I have ordered the clothes and paid the money

May 07, 2019

Yesterday I paid money for some baby boy clothes and they withdrew the money from the visa however no one contacted me after this process neither they send me a message to notify me with the date of delivering or any thing. I sent them message via email and facebook but no actual respond. Now I...

PatPat / unauthorized credit card

May 06, 2019

PatPatDear All Good Afternoon, Kindly note that my boyfriend did an order on Thursday 2 May 2019 and at the beginning seems to be fine so you take the money but one day later the order was declined. Order n. is: 5021456. Nobody answered till now and I'm really really angry with thi...

PatPat / returning

May 01, 2019

I got lots of clothes for my baby girl for about 100$, they looked so cute on the site so I just got attempted to buy more. I received the package in 3 weeks, the quality of the clothes are pure garbage. The sizing is so unreal, the quality of the cotton is real polyester and the sewing i...

PatPat / shipping

Apr 19, 2019

I put an order in a month ago. Still haven't received it. I have a receipt with my order number. But I received an email on March 25th saying that it shipped. I just read tons of complaints from people who never got their orders as well. My order was around $200. If you aren't going to...

PatPat / selling

Apr 10, 2019

good afternoon. My name is Julian Giraldo and I am interested in selling your products in Colombia. I would like to know what the procedure is or with whom I can communicate to carry out this. I sent this mail because I did not found your mail services or page (contact us) My email adress is [protected] Thank you Kind regards

PatPat / never received items ordered

Apr 05, 2019

Received email on 3/24/19 that my ordered has been shipped, the order still has not been received as of 4/5/19. The tracking number that was provided states that there is no shipping information available. When I call the customer service number it is a recording that says someone will...


Feb 15, 2019

This company is the worst. DO NOT ORDER from them. I placed an order on Oct 25, 2018 and still have not received it almost 4 months later. I tried to email the company several times only to get a generic email back not addressing the issue. I cannot track my package with the tracking...

PatPat / order#4554347

Feb 07, 2019

I had requested for return for two items against this order. Initially they asked to refund to patapat account which I refused then they asked me to keep the item for 50% off which again I refuses and since the. There has been no response. I requested for return the very next day. I request to have this issue resolved before the return window closes

PatPat / children's clothing

Jan 03, 2019

Worst customer service ever. Took 19 emails to sort out a refund for the faulty products I received. Tried to rip me off ie.offering me a 50% store credit... then with another 5 emails more store credit... then a refund buy declaring I'd have to pay for postage... multiple more email...

PatPat / order no 4474666

Jan 02, 2019

As per the order status my order has already been shipped and processed at brisbane facility. Expected delivery date was 27th December but still I have not received it. Can you please check with Australia post where the packet is lying. i will be travelling to overseas on 5th Jan. If it...

PatPat / defective product

Dec 27, 2018

Hi there I ordered 2 suit for my baby on 18th December 2018. One of the jumpsuit ([protected]) is defective. It is torn from few sides & also of very low quality. Even above wool is getting ripped off that can create choking hazards for my baby, Very much disappointed. I am going overseas so...

PatPat / products received faulty and no response

Dec 21, 2018

This company is awful they dont reply to emails I've now sent three to request a return as one of my items is faulty and the other two items are very poor quality. No answer on the phone. Very dissapointed with the items and customer service!! Not sure what to do in order to get my money back...

PatPat / unethical behaviour/ bad service

Dec 20, 2018

Don´t answer phone calls Don't reply to emails Service is unbelievable bad. For almost a week I was asking to let me know the procedure of refund and no answer. Clothes doesn't match, in terms of size and quality. Just an offer to keep the things with 50% of discount - which means an acceptance...

PatPat / quality

Dec 13, 2018

I have items I need to return and an getting no response from patpat considering there's a 14 day return policy from the received date this is ridiculous. Why hasent anyone called our emailed return instructions 1 shirt has the stiching coming out in the shoulder other items don't look...

PatPat / order #4287119

Dec 10, 2018

The clothes received are not what I ordered. I have tried to email and call to return my order and I've had no response or help on how or where to return my order to get a refund. When calling it never lets me get passed automated message. When emailing about return they then sent a email...

PatPat / worst company I have ever dealt with

Dec 10, 2018

I ordered baby clothes on Nov. 26, 2018, I selected express shipping and was suppose to receive it on the 5th of December. I received an email stating that my order would be delayed, at which time, I inquired about how much of a delay, when I did not get a specific answer, I told them to...

PatPat / order not received

Dec 08, 2018

I received an order confirmation, shipping confirmation and a tracking number that shows the order was delivered when I track the order. It doesn't show what address or if it was signed for. I have emailed customer service several times and I tried to call but held for a long time only to...

PatPat / #4404999 christmas pajamas for family

Dec 07, 2018

PatPatCustomer service is non existent! Placed order 11-27-18. Said it was in stock with est date of 12-5 delivery. I have heard nothing on status of order after confirmation. Have been tracking and always says ‘proccessin' until today when a box popped with the message of ‘No Details on thi...

PatPat / returns/customer service

Dec 05, 2018

I have been trying to contact PatPat customer services for several days now. I would like to return some items of clothing and get a refund. I have emailed their customer services three times and called their telephone number. I waited on hold but didn't get through to anyone and there wa...

[Resolved] PatPat / order #4235119

Nov 26, 2018

I order these Christmas PJs and they are three sizes to small! I have been trying to reach customer service for return address information by email they send a link that goes to their page with no information showing return address! I have called customer service number and waited for 30...

PatPat / dresses I want to return

Nov 26, 2018

I orderd dresses and they have came but they did not arrive on time for my daughters party so i want to return them all i have asked several times and have goten no response if this is not resolved today iam taking this further as i want a full refund because my 14 days will be over soon...

PatPat / misleading pricing - false advertising

Oct 20, 2018

I am in Canada. All prices are shown in $CAD when I place my order. The total for this last order came to $96 CAD per the website. My credit card was charged in USD$, so with the exchange I am paying over 30% more. I sent in my complaint and the answer I received was to explain to me how...

PatPat / false website pricing

Oct 04, 2018

BEWARE! FALSE WEBSITE ADVERTISING! I ordered a pyjama family set and even got confirmation that I ordered a family set but only got one pair of pyjamas. Their customer service claimed that in order to get all the sets, the sizes needed to be ordered individually (of which I entered all 3...

PatPat / toddler dresses

Sep 30, 2018

Ordered 3 dresses on Sept.6, 2018.My credit card has been charged.The tracking is terrible.States in process.They did send me an email of apology that I waited so long with an offer of 10.00 off my next order.I This is the first time ordering from this company.Since I have not seen the...

PatPat / entire order # 3878792

Sep 23, 2018

I placed this order a month ago. I reached out to the customer service a week ago because tracking of the shipping info stopped and i wanted to check what happened to my order. It still hasn't arrive, there are not updates to the tracking info, and the customer service did not answer my...