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I would like to report Party City about the return policy around the Holidays. I just purchased a Halloween costume last night for my son. I asked the guy for a medium (8-10 size) and he came back with a large (12-14) costume and said this would work. This morning when I took it out to look at it I realized that it was a 3T-4T costume. I called and spoke to the store about it and they said they could exchange it. I went in and they had no Vampire anything in the costumes. They said I could get things individually to make the Vampire such as a cape, etc... I did so and went to the counter. It was an $18.10 difference in price from which I paid and what I needed to get still. They told me NO MONEY BACK, and offered NO STORE CREDIT. Just exchange equally right then.

I don't think I should have to suffer for the mistake they made. Now my son has nothing and I am out over $29.99 or $18.10 depending how you look at it. I think the policy should be changed. If you buy a Holiday item you should always be ables to return before the big day. This 7 day policy screwed me when I bought within the 7 days. They are stealing money from people by doing so!

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  • Fo
      28th of Jun, 2009

    This company sucks - the people they hire are all on crack. They rang me up for an item then forgot to bag it - I didn't realize until I got back, the item was missing. When I called, they passed me along the human phone tree until 20 minutes later, I hung up out of pure frustration. Also, they jip you for the helium in the balloons - they deflated after a few hours. I am never buying from them again. Their items are waay overpriced, bad customer service and bad return policy. Their stores are a waste of space. I hope they go bankrupt. Bunch of idiots.

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  • St
      10th of Sep, 2009

    Just because you had a bad experience in ONE store does not mean the company sucks, or that all employees are idiots! FYI Party City does not PRODUCE helium. They get it from the same helium supply companies that EVERY retailer gets it from. As for the return policy, my guess is that you shop at a Franchise store that does not properly follow the company's return policy. You would not have these issues in any corporate owned stores.

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  • Re
      5th of Oct, 2009

    you can't change how long helium lasts in balloons. you can't "jip" someone with balloons, because you just blow it up, tie it, and go.
    People make mistakes. Forgetting to put something in the bag would happen once to any person that ever works in retail.
    Party City's return policy is not bad. It's 30 days, with a reciept. Wow, not crazy at all. As for Halloween costumes, maybe you shouldn't have wait til less than a week before Halloween to buy your costume. You lose all right to complain about the selection when you wait that long. Halloween is a HUGE holiday and its ridiculous to blame them for the selection when you wait that long. Yeah, they made a mistake with the costume, but that was more than likely a manufacture issue, with them putting the wrong costume in the bag. If you were buying within the week period, you probably should have checked the costume PRIOR to leave the store. Just an idea.
    But the within a week policy return is not crazy. It's to keep people from wearing their costumes to a party two days before and then trying to return them. It's a good idea.

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  • Be
      20th of Dec, 2010

    I went to party city to buy couple of things for my 5 yr old pony party. I bought the candy for pinata and cups etc... this was a thursday during a snow storm..anyway 3 days later I returned with items unused. The [censor]. mgr told me that the candy is unreturnable and so are the cups (special character cups) and the 2 xtra puzzles i bought. I was furious cause first of all no associate in store on thurs. knew how much candy my pony pinata will need. The polite cashier said to me about 5lbs she believes and mentioned that any unopened candy is returnable. she never mentioned anything about about the cups nor the puzzles. I mentioned all to assitant mgr and he said she has been here for 10 yrs and he 15yrs and should know the policy. It is not mentioned on the receipt and the only reference to candy is written on counter. It says all foods are unreturnable. I did not read the counter sign cause all my products were covering it and the women did not point it out. Regardless, i was sooo upset and in the whole wih 20 something dollers lost in candy, cups and puzzles. The cups are unreturnable cause of hygiene purposes (c'mon why sell them outside of plastic wrapping) the puzzles cause they have santa on them so they are considered seasonal.. [censor]. mgr mentioned they were acccepting all seasonal products till yesterday (which was a saturday) I said c'mon these are puzzles sealed and unused... After this whole explosion of unreasoning [censor]. mgr gave a certificate to dominoes for a large pizza with one topping for free. Are you serious! Is this coupon to offset the aggrevation and unreturnable policy of goods! C'mon i guess the [censor]. mgr felt sorry but, if he was really remorseful he would of taken all of the returns... (btw he did take back the puzzles but not the big bag of candy nor cups..) arghhhhhh so upset!!!

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  • Ap
      22nd of Dec, 2010

    I will not be shopping there anymore. The customer service is extremely poor and I feel there "in-store" advertising is terrible as it always looks like certain items are discounted, but when you get it to the register you are told "Oh, it does not include that item." Had 3 bad experiences in a row there... I am done. There is nothing in the store that cannot be found somewhere else.

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  • Su
      3rd of Mar, 2011

    I agree with what you have to say, I am an employee at Party City and the policy is never clear to the customer and the associates don't even know what we sell in the stores. Being an employee of this company I apologize but that's ridiculous and FYI the policy changes from mgr to mgr depending on who you get which sucks but thats Party City for you

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  • Vi
      8th of Mar, 2011 has everything Party City carries and more. And they are known for their EXCELLENT customer service. I went to a Party City store with my two kids (both under the age of 10) and listened to two employees curse over and over for about 20 straight minutes. When I told the manager how inappropriate I thought their behavior was, she smiled at me. THEN I heard her giggling as she told the men to stop. Needless to didn't. Since then I've been getting all of my party supplies from's better quality, better prices and their customer service ROCKS!

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  • Ta
      22nd of Mar, 2011

    It does clearly state on sale signs what colors are on sale, people just need to read

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  • St
      14th of Oct, 2011

    " i said i have to go to other work but he denied."

    Then, 5-6 lines down...

    "I didnt say a word to him just keep on working, coz i thought if he fired me from work i will be unemployed..."

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  • Ri
      30th of Jan, 2012

    Work in retail and deal with ###s like youselves and you will have a much different outlook.

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  • Yo
      9th of Jun, 2012

    I left my new iPhone 4s at party city when I realized it about 15 minutes later I called the store and they said the gave it to a guy who claimed it mind u it was in a pink hello kitty case they didn't bother to confirm that the phone belonged to him by at least asking the guy to call the number or even asking for his license in case someone came later to claim it I filed a report and they won't take any responsibility for it now AT&T wants to charge me 1k to replace the phone since I had just upgrade party city sucks I will never go there again.

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  • Li
      4th of Sep, 2012

    Really people I read all your complaints and people needto understand that this is a company and the customers are not always right. IF that was the case then every copany in america will be out of business. Would you want to buy a bag of candy knowing that it was returned, you could have put something in it and we would have been responsible, use it you have kids give them the candy. Return policies are stated and we are very flexible with that but if you don't have your receipt o well, we need a proof of purchase. People need to realize that the employees know what they are doing and are not experts overnight. The whole phone thing is not Party city fault but yours because you forgot it and if you cared for it so much then you would of had it with u and not on the counter for anybody to claim. Just because the people wear name tags and have a uniform that they are worthless they have heard it all before senn it before and are tired of your ###ness. Come on if you don't like it use and save us, the employees your headache!

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  • Ft
      26th of Sep, 2012

    I don't know what kind of scam this company is running but for the past week all these "promotions" & "coupon" codes have not worked for me. The most recent "spend $60 and get 20% off" is bull. My subtotal was $68 and the code did not apply. The moment I add another item which puts my subtotal almost to $80, the code applies. $60+ should mean $61 and over not $75 or $80. I'm very disgusted. They have yet to return any of my emails!

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  • Ma
      2nd of Jan, 2017

    @FtheseCompanies Coupon limits are ALWAYS before taxes in ANY store. It's the law!

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  • Pa
      31st of Jan, 2013

    It's funny hearing these customers complain about how employees need to do this or that when in reality all these things can only be blamed on you. Guess what just cause the associates cant tell you how big of a jack ### you are, doesn't mean you not being one. Also NEWS FLASH us employees don't give a living ### about little johnny's birthday. Your kid is not more important than any of the other little monsters that you airhead parents bring in. So for one in your lives don't think about yourselves and put yourselves in the employees shows who has to deal with complete bull ### from ### housewives and people who have poor English skills.

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  • Wo
      17th of May, 2013
    Best Best Advice

    Just because you had a bad experience at one store does not mean that everyone in that store is horrible. As for the return policy, it is stated at the end of every receipt, and managers will usually take things back after the 30 days. As for being jipped on balloons, we can't help the price or how long helium lasts. Only about 2 places in the world actually extracts helium so we are limited on where we get it. You don't have to have balloons at your party. As for things getting left behind, you guys have to understand that humans make mistakes, especially on busy days. As for the coupon thing, people come in all the time trying to use coupons that were not from the Party City website or sent to their email by Party City. These are stolen and fraudulent coupons so they usually don't work. Also, if you read the terms under it, it says that clearance and discounted items don't count and that it has to be before taxes. I'm tired of customers complaining about things that I can't help. The signs say plain as day what is on sale, but people fail to read anything. If you're waiting in line and are too absorbed in a conversation to hear when I've asked if you're ready to check out several times, don't blame me or anyone else because we've "wasted your time." If you fail to realize that something is not the price you thought it was or that you've spent too much after you've checked out, don't blame me when you were the one too busy talking on your bloody phone. It's rude! I just wish some of these customers would have to work a month when we are busy, AKA every holiday, weekends, and graduation, and see what it's like working at this place with angry, obnoxious, and sometimes drunk of their rocker customers.

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  • Bo
      27th of May, 2013

    This is true the policy must be changed or better yet just BOYCOTT the company ... DON'T SHOP AT PARTY CITY ANYMORE. The only reason they are still open is the size and convenience of stores. Shop at smaller more local stores and support small business and community. I am starting a BOYCOTT PARTY CITY campaign and can't wait to see the affect on there company, sell the stock if you own it. I have nothing but time on my hands and they just messed with the wrong person. They will not take back my party supplies and the supposed manager I spoke with was the biggest ### ever. He actually said there's no district manager and he probably thinks I believe him. By the way everyone should be upset about there Porn Level Halloween costumes they sell and they are cheap as hell. You can find any information online like the CEO - Gerald Rittenberg or CFO - Michael Correale or COO - James Harrison or Executive VP - James Flanagan or President of Party City - Gregg Melnick or if you like Chairman of the Board - Robert Small, I also have all the complete board members names and email addresses you can find online easy enough. I will actually be organizing picket times for this is the way to close / change the store. The more impact on sales and investors the faster closing/change happens. Please join me in my efforts simply by posting / blogging / facebooking / twittering / etc... any negative experiences and notices about not ever shopping there again... BOYCOTT PARTY CITY

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  • Bo
      27th of May, 2013

    BOYCOTT PARTY CITY NOW !!! I will never shop there again and I am calling for an immediate boycott join me by blogging / facebooking / twittering / emailing / etc... just spread the word by any means possible. BOYCOTT !!! Make them feel it where it hurts. The best way to motivate any company to change or hopefully close is by affecting the investors / stock owners... BOYCOTT NOW !!!

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  • Ma
      2nd of Jan, 2017

    @Boycott Party City So how did that work out for ya? LMFAO!

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  • Ry
      20th of Nov, 2013

    the store is overpriced and like a lot of other retailers will hire anybody who doesnt have felonies or can pass a piss test.

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  • Ka
      23rd of Dec, 2014

    1. Boycotting is your right as an idiot. Stocks can't be sold because they are privately owned not publicly traded
    2. If you buy certain birthday supplies at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Kmart, or any Disney plates or cups, they're probably made by Party City. So thanks for the support
    3. We don't keep the "good" helium in the back or anything else really
    4. We don't have as many cards as Factory Card Outlet did, but they went out of business so maybe it wasn't such a great business model.
    5. We take back more than we should, it's open, smells, and is dirty. We will occasionally take it back just to throw it away.
    6. Chances are if you buy a Mylar somewhere else it's made by Party City too. So thanks
    7. Coupons on,, or Google aren't always real so if they don't work. It's your fault not ours.
    8. If you leave your crap in the store it's not our job to baby sit it. Don't leave your phone laying in the bathroom. Just saying.
    9. What do you want us to do with Christmas crap you didn't use in January.
    10. We don't make the products we sell, we don't get to draw new designs for next year, and we can't help that we sold those 200 Santa hats before December 23rd maybe you should have showed up earlier.

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  • Ri
      11th of May, 2015

    Hamilton Place Mall Party City Chattanooga Tn
    I am a party planner! I never have problems with businesses I purchase from except Party City Hamilton Place Mall Chattanooga Tn. Every time I have purchased something from Hamilton Place Mall Party City Chattanooga Tn and it is defective or damaged which is not noticeable since it is in a sealed package and I try to return it or exchange it, there is a fight and I still leave without my monies being returned or replacement. Example: May 9, 2015, journal number #0290013119911829, we purchased a Jumbo Helium tank for a birthday party at our event center. It was on sale for $34.99 instead of normal price $39.99. Our Client was expecting balloons on the chairs when they entered the room for the WOW factor. To their surprise there were NO Balloons! This was due to the helium tank being EMPTY!!! We called Hamilton Place Mall Party City Chattanooga Tn. immediate and their words were " We are not responsibility for the defect! You were informed of the return policy for helium tanks." BUT DID NOT REFER TO A HELIUM TANK BEING EMPTY (DEFECTIVE) WHILE STILL BEING IN A NEW SEALED PACKAGE." It would not have mattered if we purchase the tank a head of time or not. The fact remains the tank was EMPTY!!! Hamilton Place Mall Party City Chattanooga Tn. stated they have no way to gage the tanks!!! They should have a policy to satisfy customers instead of pocking the customer monies!!!

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  • Th
      8th of Aug, 2015

    Managers do not know how to talk to employees. Just because they have that title does not mean they can down talk and disrespect their employees. U have to give respect in order to get it. Plain and simple.

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  • Re
      23rd of Sep, 2015

    I was checking to see if they had any cowboy hats and came a across a wide selection of Native American Headdresses. Native American culture is not a costume. Headdresses have a much deeper significance than to be trendy and hipster. Even Native American people don't wear headdresses for fun and to be trendy so why should some white girl at coachella?

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  • Mr
      14th of Oct, 2015

    How can any one buy from a company that has a theme song from a known pedophile. Particularly on a Holliday that is mostly for children. I find It very distasteful. My kids are grown now but we have had that discussion when they were younger. And even, as small kids they agreed that while the music is good, no one disputes that. It's just wrong to play it to attract children to your place of business.

    I know I and my family are offended.

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  • Kn
      21st of Nov, 2015

    Awful policies!! I went in to take back some things from my girls birthday party and even had my receipt but they offer no cash back or in store credit! What kind of business is this?!?! Now I'm stuck with a bit of stuff I don't need! I will NEVER shop there again!!

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  • Lu
      8th of Sep, 2016

    I don't know about all of you, but my experience at Party City was a great one. Maybe it's because I live in Canada and have only been to the Canadian stores. The staff was friendly and polite, the store was well stocked and organized, things are decently priced, and anything that I've ever bought I've never needed to return. People need to keep in mind that retail is a very stressful occupation, and everyone makes mistakes. If you aren't happy with their service or policies, don't shop there. But to boycott the whole company? That seems a little bit absurd. The stores all run a little bit differently, but that doesn't mean all their stores are horrible.

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  • Ja
      25th of May, 2017

    hi my name is Janine sartini I was in party city shopping on may 24th around 6:30 pm for my daughter she needed a costume for school when I went to pay it rang up as fullprice so I mentioned to the cashier it was on the clearance rack and another employee said same thing when I asked to speak to manager she was rude and told me basically tought love there is nothing she can do so I asked if someone can go in the back to do a price check and she refused so I went back there to double check what the sign said and my son who is 4 years old followed me because of the employs not wanting to there job my son was hurt a rack display (white metal) was sticking out in the aisle with nothing in it my son didn't see it and it sliced open his shoulder I would like to report the manager who was unprofessional thank you my number is 9178487973

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  • Bo
      4th of Feb, 2018

    They told me there would be a dollar charge to fill 6 normal sized balloons. After I got home and looked at my receipt they had charged me 1 dollar each for the second most abundant element in the universe! Complete ripoff and I will never go back in any of their stores.

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  • Da
      15th of Oct, 2018
    Party City - Shipped used shoes & never rec'd pd. item
    United States

    Order # 14962684-1
    Date : 9-28-18
    Sku : 324703 Tan Multi Strap knee high sand size 9
    Sku : 444750 Adult Striped Lace up Fishnet
    Sandals were damaged beyond repair and falling apart.
    Paid for and never received lace up fishnet

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  • Gr
      19th of May, 2019
    Party City - Ballon cashier name Mary
    13320 S Cicero
    United States

    I was at this location on Mother's Day an I was Purchasing some balloons and the Lady told me March total and I gave her the money and she turns around And instead of her put in my change in my hand he put it on the counter very unprofessional and was it the fact that I was a black male she actually made me feel very unwelcome at this location

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