Papa John'sservice

I was a regular customer from papa johns, but, now, its over!
I just want to tell you that your customers service is very bad in bahrain, in a juffair branch,... This peoples understand nothing, and their drivers are very, very, slow.!!.. 1h30 just to bring one sauce, from the same area??? Only 1 km...
After calling 4 times the hot line delivery, nobody call me back to inform me about... And after all this time, I finally get my sauce... But my pizza was cold...
Its not the first time happened!... They always forget something!
And when you ask to the driver wheremy sauce,... They say: not available! They lie, because, after calling the hot line 4 times,... I finally got the sauce (not available)
Its the last time I order papa johns!... I prefer to give my money to domino's pizza!!... They are more serious and more professional!
Even when you call the papa johns manager branch, this indian, or bengali peoples doesn't care about their customers!!... And its just, if they can understand english!
So,... At least, they will not get my money anymore!

I think, papa johns company should check the competence of their branches to keep a good profile and picture...

But,... Unfortunately,... Its not!!

Rudy perriod,

Jan 18, 2017

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