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my made a order online everything when good except are breadsticks were plain not garlic so thats when we called are local Papa Johns and ask to change to order we will pay the diffrences the guy on the phone was being soooooo rude catching a attitude and hanging up the phone on us while this is going on the deliever guy comes along we pay for the pizza and told him we didnt want the breadstick that he should take it back he told us that we should call the manager to see what he says mind you the guy over the phone was not the manager he was a team member so my girlfriend call back up there and told him the situation now this guy is still screaming and going on in a rude matter my girlfriend got fed up and went up there so thats what we did my girlfriend and I took the breadsticks to the store and my girlfriend starts talking to the guys and told him that hes customer service was horrible and needs to do something about it and if he had a bad day he shouldnt take it out on us we didnt do anything to him now at this point the guy is still being rude not looking my girlfriend in the eyes just being VERY DISRESPECTFUL and walks away from her to the back office for 5 mins then comes back and directly told us "Get the ### outta the shop or am calling the police!!" i got very mad for him to talk to us like that specially my preganant so i pushed over the computer montor then we exchange words then we left Later on in the night the police were involved i told them what happen and we came to an agreement of me paying for the montor a week go by on a friday the due date when i was suppose to pay for the Computer screen i went inside of the papa johns to hand over the check to the manager who was in the back where he was making a pizza i asked for him and the employee call him over and he said " Am busy tell them to leave a message or come back another time" while am looking straight at this guy tell the woman this i just got fed up with this drop the check on the desk and left this is another point that am making of Papa Johns so called service and if you guys cant fix your staff of people with the proper manners or knowledge of Customer First then i will NEVER recommend anyone to a papa johns

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  • Ka
      15th of Mar, 2011

    After working for Papa John's for 6 years, I've seen MANY customers screw up their own online orders only to call and blame the store (I've been cursed out and called every name in the book!) Even when I would be presented with printed out conformation emails from the order, which clearly showed the mistake was made by the customer, they STILL insisted they didn't do it and it was our fault! Still, I do NOT condone how you were treated in that store and I would NEVER treat a customer like that! That is messed up and what you get by a company forced to hire spoiled teenagers with no work ethic and no care for the customers. Mommy and Daddy pay for everything they need, so they don't care about their jobs. They treat you however they want cuz they just don't care. I finally quit because after 6 years of complaining to my store manager and even up to the president of our franchise about them playing on their phones, ignoring customers, and disappearing every 10 minutes to smoke cigarettes, the only response I ever got was "They're just kids, what do you expect??" I even fired a couple for smoking weed behind the store only to get rehired the next day, because I couldn't "prove" that's what they were doing. It's BS and on of the many flaws of the food service industry!!!

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