Panera Bread / unethical behaviour by gm!

Brecksville, OH, United States

I was at the 3388 Brecksville Panera yesterday (July 6th) around 2:00pm and was beyond disgusted by the ignorance and disrespect the General Manager in charge, Kevin, was to the other employees. He was cursing at them, dropping F-bombs, and was belittling the workers for what seemed seemingly small (I know this because he was screaming the "problem" loud enough for everyone to hear). I will not be returning to that specific location as the GM was unprofessional, inappropriate, and downright DISGUSTING towards his employees. I hope someone at Corporate can correct this Kevin problem. I, nor my family, will be returning until it's fixed. However, I did go up to a worker after the GM was gone... (he had very blonde hair and his name was, i believe, Clay) and apologized for what happened to him and the other worker. He, and the other young man, were very polite and respectful even after getting yelled out. I'd go back for them.

Please get this resolved as i felt as a PAYING customer very uncomfortable, offended and appalled by Kevins behavior!!!

Jul 07, 2018

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