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Pervis Patrick
Panera Bread (River Forest)
April 18, 2013
I would like to start off by saying my name is Pervis Patrick and I am writing this letter to express my disappointment in my managers’ actions yesterday April, 18, 2013. To start things off I was taking clean and dry dishes on a cart to the prep line to restock them. Out of nowhere my manager Becca is fussing at me to take a break. It’s so out of the blue that I didn’t recognize at first that she was addressing me about taking a lunch break around 10:15am as I was stocking dishes in their respective and designated areas. I hear Becca call my name and demand that I go on a lunch break in front of my co-workers who were no less than two feet away from me. At this point I am looking at Becca confused as to why she is aggressively and borderline yelling at me to take a lunch break. Once again this is taking place in front of multiple co-workers and customers just right in front of our coffee station so this is definitely out in the open for others to witness. As far as my judgment, I did assume that my manager Becca would do the appropriate thing and disclose the matter in the office which she didn’t do at first. I am still trying to process the situation in my head and couldn’t find a logical reason why it was a situation in the first place. I proceeded to help a co-worker make sandwiches for a catering order and once again Becca responded and said “no!, your going on break like I just told you too!” Now Im definitely offended but I said not a word to Becca and took off my latex gloves and went to clock out for break. I did this quietly. I pull my break out slip from the printer and that’s when Becca uttered another inappropriate statement and told me” to do what Im told, when Im told to do so”. At that point I responded to Becca “you do not have to talk to me this way at all in front of everybody, Pete wouldn’t have talked to me this way in front of my co-workers “. Becca responded by saying that she would give me another break later because she was aware that even though my scheduled shift was from 7am to 2:30pm, I was staying to maybe five or six o’clock to help out on the line. I responded to Becca by saying that I didn’t want to take another break, I wanted to be paid for it. That was the main reason I agreed to stay past my shift for extra hours and not to take another un paid lunch break. Becca responded “ Matter of fact…..dont return, you can go home!!”. Im completely shocked as I feel that I am being singled out and I still don’t have a clear cut reason as to why this whole ordeal is happening. Once again, this is taking place in the dining room and not in the office where it should have been in the first place if Becca had a problem with me at all. This brought shame and embarrassment to me that was un warranted and un called for. Becca finally says “lets go to the office” and we go to the office to talk. Once inside the office Becca is screaming at me saying that I shouldn’t have yelled at her in the dining room because other co-workers would feel that they could do the same. As I stated above I did not yell at Becca but I did respond to her tone of voice talking to me like a child in front of my co-workers and customers. I told Becca that she was the one that started this and that she was yelling at me. She was almost hostile in the office as I had to tell Becca twice to stop yelling at me and remove her hands away from my face like she wanted to fight me. I felt disrespected in not even being able to respond to her inside the office as she just continued to yell and over talk me. I still attempted to ask Becca if I could take a lunch break when the next co-worker came in at 11:30am to cover my shift.. I was told that I had to leave and that I could not finish my shift. I clocked in at 7am and I clocked out for my lunch break at 10:23:06am according to my breakout slip. I asked why do I have to leave and that I didn’t understand what was going on. It happened extremely quick. I was told that she didn’t like “my kind”. I instantly got a racist vibe from that comment and soon after I got the feeling that it was more on her mind than she was revealing. It felt pre-meditated, it felt like this was something she wanted to say to me all along. Im not making the case that Becca is a bad person because I have seen her interact very well with others but this situation I didn’t see coming nor could I understand it. I asked her what she meant by “my kind” like she’s trying to stereotype me or categorize me in some shape or form. She said “you guys are ignorant” and I said “what guys!!” I told Becca that she wasn’t being fair at all in making these claims and sending me home without a clear cut reason and I am extremely hard and dedicated worker. I told her she was making me uncomfortable. I asked her if she could contact Pete for assistance and she refused and told me “ Im not any of the other managers and I don’t give a ### about you.” Im pretty sure the other co-workers still heard her screaming at me. At this point I totally do not feel that it was a safe work environment. Becca told me that if I didn’t leave that she was going to call the police or security on me. I left the office, put my coat on, said good bye to other co-workers around me and I left calmly and peacefully. Confused still but none the less I left in a calm matter. I absolutely feel that she should be held accountable for her actions. You just can’t talk to people anyway you want to or feel like it. There’s two sides to a story and this is mine. I want to use Kevin, my fellow co-worker as a reference to what happened between me and Becca yesterday morning as Kevin was the closest to me and Becca. I am using Kevin as a reference because Kevin is a fairly new employee and I felt that since he doesn’t know anything about me or Becca that if he was asked to tell what he saw and heard that he wouldn’t have a biased opinion about me or Becca. I am hoping he tells the truth as well the other co-workers on the floor who witnessed it. I didn’t do anything wrong to warrant the way I was treated. I want Becca to be held accountable for actions and not her authority. I do not think she is a bad person by any means but I am not excusing the outrageous comments said to me by Becca inside the office. I mean threating to call the police on me and no single camera will show you anything about me being hostile to Becca, is over the top! Also, as I am leaving the café nice and quiet a few co-workers asked me why am I being fired and I responded by saying that to my knowledge, I am being sent home over a lunch break I believe this was about. I left and then I thought to myself why would someone ask me am I being fired. If that was the case I felt a co-worker shouldn’t ask me that question. Something like that should be confidential. I left the café feeling like my job security was into question for no reason. I can’t accuse Becca of telling co-workers that I am about to fired but it’s just raises the question in my eyes why I would be asked that as I am leaving the café. I was already planning on talking to my general manager Pete about this incident but with careful thought I believe I have a right to be heard and voice my displeasure. I would like to file a complaint because you can’t treat people that way and we do have rights.

Pervis Patrick
April 19, 2013
My name is Pervis Patrick and I writing an up-dated letter to follow up my formal letter to my general manager Peter Ransom which was given to him yesterday morning April 18, 2013 at about 6:30am. I got to work yesterday morning April 18, 2013 at 6:20am for a 7am start to my shift. Immediately the first people I see is the district manager Kristen, my general manager Peter and another manager Reagan Perry was also there. I sat at the table with Kristen and Peter to have a conversation about what took place yesterday April 18, 2013 between me and another manager, her name was Becca. I stated in my letter given to Peter and Kristen that I believe Becca may have told other co-workers that I was “done, finished, and fired” as I was attempting to leave the café yesterday after being sent home by my manager Becca. Surely enough and before I could plead my case, Peter says to me that I was terminated and there was nothing they could do to help me. I didn’t flinch, interrupt his speech, or make any facial expressions. I was thinking at the moment about when Becca told me in an argument in the office about how she didn’t like “my kind” which I documented in my letter given to Peter and Kristen yesterday morning. I was thinking how she set out to have me fired and here we are. Peter pretty much said to me that I will not be allowed to present my side of the story in so many words in front of the district manager. I have spoken to Kristen about some things I deemed to be illegal and how I was treated in a talk with her sometime before summer was over last year in 2012. Nothing happened. I got the feeling that Kristen and Peter wanted to rush me out of the café and that was wrong. Kristen also told me in that conversation that Becca kind of had a right to embarrass me in front of my co-workers. That’s when I pulled out my letter of documentation for them to file. This updated letter I would like reach corporate office. Kristen and Peter seemed on edge of my readiness and calmness in the meeting and I do believe they wanted to rush me out of there. I just want what’s fair. I hope that they are doing a investigation because I had to lose my job because one of my managers doesn’t like me at all and used her power and authority to have me fired. Also, I said to Peter and Kristen that I got the feeling that other co-workers in the café yesterday morning, April, 18, 2013 may have spoken too loudly on Becca’s thoughts regarding my job security and I felt she was trying to have me fired right after she sent me home. I said to Peter and Kristen on that notion alone that I thought Becca was wrong if she indeed said damaging things about my character to my co-workers or my job security and if that was the case I felt that information should have been keep private and they both agreed to that. I believe that Kristen and Peter got the feeling in the meeting that I truly did see it coming just paying attention to what I heard leaving the café yesterday and I prepared that way. I hope they realize that since I was prepared and I didn’t walk in to that meeting blindly that it should be some truth to the claims of Becca going around spreading private information about me after I was sent home yesterday. Becca should held accountable for that. I told Peter off the record in front of Kristen that I was thankful of him giving me a job and for him and Kristen to enjoy their days. I left right after that. I hope this letter can reach the right people and that Becca be held accountable for actions. It’s two sides to every story.

Apr 20, 2013
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  • Di
      Apr 29, 2013
    Panera Bread - Headquarters / gainesville / haymarket, virginia
    United States

    I have been checking my account everyday since they restored my accessability to my mypanera account hoping that they would correct their offense and apologize to me. . . But all i see is their comment telling me that i have "no surprise". It is truly sad that panera bread discriminate towards the disabled customers. If i was one of those four able bodied filthy stinking rich men sitting nearby bragging about all the limousines, yachts, mansions, and vacation homes that i owned, panera bread would not block my account nor deny me my birthday surprise and they would also bring my food to me.

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  • Di
      Apr 29, 2013

    They advertise to get people to sign up. They ask you your birthdate so they can give you a birthdate treat. They advertise "surprises every so often", and yet you say you have never received any surprises from them, not even for your birthday? THEY ADVERTISE PROMISING and therefore LEADING the customer to BELIEVE a PROMOTION, and entering into that PROMOTION. They are false advertising when they fail or refuse to honor that promise.


    Now, one of my complaints is about why they chose to block my MyPanera account right before my birthday, then once they restored access, they played a practical joke by posting a comment on top of their picture of their microwaved Tortellini saying I "may have a surprise". So when I went to check my account, I was told I "have no surprises but keep checking back".

    My only other complaints with the exception of one was with HEADQUARTERS. The one complaint about GAINESVILLE, VIRGINIA was about their bias towards the disabled. I had never said anything about the bias until that incident with the four very able bodied filthy stinking rich men bragging about all their wealth and the employee brought them their food. Yet, there are disabled customers using assistive devices like canes that the employees, including the management will not even lift a finger to help! With the exception of that one complaint, I have had nothing but compliments about GAINESVILLE, VIRGINIA.


    From now on, I will notify all my friends, family, acquaintences, and anyone I meet who mentions an interest in getting a MyPanera Card about how Panera Bread treated me and their bias towards the disabled.


    Now mkstitch, I do not know who you are but thank you for letting me know that Panera Bread defrauded you too!

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  • Di
      Apr 30, 2013

    Removed what post? I did not remove any posts. I do not know what you are talking about. Can you please elaborate?

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