Panera Bread / management's bad attitude

This will my third time going to your store located on merchants plaza and being utterly disgusted. Every time I come in They get my order messed up regardless of how many notes the cashiers leave, so today when I order my food I ask the cashier name Drea to please leave a note but to also verberally let them know not to put any vinegar on my food. As she is telling the lady behind the counter she turns around and starts screaming at the lady telling her to talk to another lady cause SHE WANTS HER TO STOP TALKING TO HER... Myself and a few other customers were disgusted and embarrassed for her. I felt bad for her so as I was leaving I felt the need to apologize to her because if it was for my request she wouldn't have been embarrassed like that.. She shook my hand and told me that it was ok and no need for me to apologize and that the manager was just overwhelmed and that she is really a nice lady.. Very graceful she was.. But as I stated before this is the third time I've seen the same manager be rude and disrespectful to the other workers. I hope that someone sits her down and talk to her regarding how she treats the employees there.. I'm not sure of her name but she is a tall white women with short hair and glasses and was wearing a flowered shirt..

May 31, 2018

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