Panera Bread / management

Sebring, FL, United States

I have been coming to this Panera in Sebring Fl, since it opened and let me tell you the new management is horrible! The new manager Brenda, is constantly belittling the employees that work there. i have seen her on several occasions squawking and yelling at the employees, telling them how 'untrained' they are and how they need to be retrained when in all honesty shes the one that needs to be re-trained or let go. Shes just plain disrespectful towards them, ive seen her with this scowl on her face and gives employees a mean look if they make a mistake. They are humans, people with feelings who deserve to be treated properly! i can not just stand by and watch these employees suffer any longer with this barking, snippy manager. Simply unfair

Oct 27, 2018

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