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December the 27th I had an interview with Panera Bread in Ankeny Iowa a new store opening. I was hired by Michelle Hanson [protected] and had to do a back ground check. And also had to send in paperwork I was on disability to the company.
I contacted Michelle more than once when I was to start. I was sent a text message to go to a hotel in Ankeny on Wednesday 28th of December for training. We did training by watching videos and sampling food. I had not done my w2 paperwork and was told I would be doing it that day at the store in Ankeny on Ankeny Blvd.
I went to the store and had to sign into to the computer to do training online and do my tax paperwork and attached a cancelled check so they would have my account number to deposit my pay checks.
When I had put in my five hours after starting at 9:00am to 2:pm
Ileft the store and was told to be in Thursday 29th December from 9am to 2 pm for training. I was there the entire 5 hours to train with everyone else.
We left at 2pm and was told to come back Friday the 30th at 9am to 2 pm. We had no way of clocking in we had to write our hours in. I left at 2pm Friday and hours were changed to start at 11:00 am to 5 pm.
I came in Saturday at10:45am for day. I was ill that day and was told to stay to see how I felt. I was also told my hours would be talked about since I told Michelle Hanson Manager at Panera Bread I could not work over 20 hours and she had me down at 28 hours. I also tried to talk to someone that the other girls had been training at Panera Bread at the store that had been open. They had been running the register and training there for days. I never got the chance and did not feel I was ready to start on the register but there seemed no one to talk to about this. I was very upset over the whole thing. I was so upset I got my things and left. I did not want to be at a store that I did not feel like I was ready to start at.
I called about my check and was told it would be mailed to me. However it never was. I contacted Michelle Manager today by text and told someone from the company would be calling me Tuesday 17th of January. One week after I was to be paid. All I want is to be paid for my 15 hours and 30 minutes that I have coming. How can you work for a company and not be paid that is against the law. I don' know how to send text documents to you. My phone number is [protected] my cell number. I would appreciate any help you can help me with.
Linda Cole

Jan 16, 2017
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  •   Jan 16, 2017

    So you quit on them leaving them in a bind while you were still in training?

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  • Ca
      Jan 20, 2017

    Iowa law says your final paycheck must be paid on the next scheduled payday (statute 91A.4). If they have violated this, contact the Iowa Labor Board. Not only will the Labor Board make them pay, there may also be financial penalties levied against them. BTW: you probably will want to leave this job off your resume.

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