Panera Bread / everything

You guys have to be one of the stupidest people I have ever heard of your company is suppose to be so great but u have general managers that work in Northern Kentucky that is awful and the sad part is the people over district managers and everything are helping to make the company worse than what it is you guys are just doing it on purpose I know ams and regular cashiers that work for your company and I know some bad secrets I'm telling u this first off stop being homophobic and allowing this to happen I swear I will pay for 10 [censor] lawyers I dont care you have hostile work environment which is against the law and you are trying to fire people for doing there job I will help these people and take you to court if this proceeds I know confetti or whatever it's called the German company owns it and I'm telling you that you better look into your management especially the ones over district managers and some general managers you are warned to have a law suit and j have family that works for the state dept I will go by the law and make sure you guys pay for all the harassment and discriminatory and the sad thing is you guys don't have a spot for managers or anyone to go to other than district managers I know someone who met your guys CEO who had walked in with flip flops and everything get your [censor] together

Nov 27, 2017

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