Panera Bread / customer service department

Saint Louis, MO, United States
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On Friday, Jan 13, I received an email with the following message: "Your Panera Bread gift card automatic reload failed". This in spite of having a balance of $74.99. My account is set to reload $50 when the balance reaches $25. I have tried to get someone at Panera Customer Service (the telephone number in my email) ever since. The people I spoke with today tell me that I must wait 7-10 days before a specialist will get back with me. One person even suggested that I go to my local Panera store to resolve my problem! I am also having problems logging on to my account and get the following message: "Invalid information entered, please try again." Once yesterday I did get logged on only to find that my account showed a zero balance instead of $74.99. The folks at their customer service department have been no help at all. If I can ever get this resolved, I plan to cancel my card and never do business with Panera again, even though I have been a long-time customer.

Jan 17, 2017

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