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Friday 7/27 I went into the Worcester store to purchase my dinner. A young lady by the name of Kiana, already visibly irritated to be there, was extremely rude. My total came to $13.14. I gave $20.14. Mind you the dime was a bit tarnished. I noticed the change back was 6 dollars and 90 something sense in change. Kiana thought I have her 20.05. Which to me makes absolutely no sense.
I proceeded to tell her I gave her a 20 and exact change. Her response was no You didn't. I said, YES I did. Again, I got no you didn't. She said do I need to get my manager. I replied no and gave her a dime. As she opened her drawer, I asked her to do me a favor and check the tarnished "penny" in that slot. Kiana's response was "Oh". I then told her that it would be nice to receive and apology. She smirked and very rudely said "have a great night"! A woman walked out, Cassandra, and I said her employee was very rude and explained what had just transpired. All I received was a blank look and an apology. I've worked in food and customer service for 20+ years and this was completely unacceptable!!

Jul 29, 2018
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