Panera Bread / cleanliness / cross contamination

Indianapolis, IN, United States
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I was just at Panera Bread in the drive-thru at store 1277. Check # 1323102 and just witnessed the cashier making sandwiches with gloves that she had just used to handle cash. I told the manager and that even if she did switch I should never see gloves come out of that window. But I watched her she did not switch nor wash her hands after handling cash to then turn and make my food that I was going to consume. She definitely needs retrained on food borne illnesses and cross contamination. What's really disturbing as I was voicing my concern for my health and well being she was smirking and laughing as if she was think so what. SO WHAT?? If I get sick as a customer. So what panera pays you to do a job properly. This location always has rude people in the drivethru but don't go inside because you will wait so long and then they will mess up what you ordered. Today was my last day going to that location. There is a Starbucks right down the way I will just go there. Hope you guys figure this location out before they seriously harm someones health.

May 2, 2017

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