Panda Express / unfair work practice

United States

I am an Assistant Manager. I had a doctor's note for a bad knee and the General Manager still called me in twice that day. Always telling me how she's worried about my health but does nothing to help. The other Assistant Manager told me the same thing. They were too busy that day because they had birthday parties to attend to. Seriously? At least help me find a replacement.

The very next day, I had an employee who's sister went missing. He tried filing a missing persons report and everything. The other Assistant Manager called him and asked if he could still work. I was surprised to see him even though we were under-manned (again, no help from management). His family member's missing and they still call him to work?

They are always calling me on my days off to nag about something insignificant, and I consider it harassment. Panda Express is always preaching to us about how they want to help their employees and grow. I haven't seen anything like that yet. It seems they only care about the Panda Family, not your family. Worst treatment of employees I have ever experienced. Highly disappointed and hurt.

Sep 29, 2014

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