Panda Express / professionalism

So I was at panda express on powers and constitution today around lunchtime. The cook, who I assume is the manager (He was an older asian man with a black polo) seemed to be targeting one of the girls working at the counter. She was extremely sweet to me and everyone else and she smiled at everybody regardless of him consistently yelling at her when, under my impression, she was doing a great job and providing exceptional service. Her name is kaylee or kailee I don't remember the spelling exactly. But the order in front of me ordered rangoons and they were in a bag that was closed completely, but the bag fell. There were not any more rangoons, so kaylee asked the girls in front of me if they'd like to wait on more rangoons to come out. The girls said no, and asked for the original order of rangoons that fell. They were understanding and not bothered in the slightest. Then ken came around to the counter and yelled at kaylee for giving them the order that fell, the customers explained that they were okay with it, and then he proceeded to yell at the customer! He pointed at them and yelled that he was making more and they would be complimentary. The girls again said they weren't bothered and simply didn't want to wait, and he still refused to give them the wontons and yelled at kaylee and the girl on register to throw them away. Everyone was dumbfounded by how rude he was being not only to his employees, but to his customers, and in front of everyone!. After the girls went to their cars, he sent kaylee to run the fresh rangoons to them, and she came back with them, saying that the girls refused to take them and were not interested. Ken threw a fit like a child and yelled at both kaylee and the girl on register once more, slammed his fist on a pan, and stormed away. Kaylee seemed to be on the verge of tears, and I don't blame her. I had been there for 15 minutes and he did nothing but bully her the entire addition, the girl on register kept asking him to help her with taking money out of her register or to cook a new order of thing, and he ignored her. When I went outside to leave, I saw him outside smoking. How is it fair to the employees and customers to neglect your job as a manager for a ciggarette?! I am honestly speechless. This man is unprofessional, rude, and does not compliment this store of kind, helpful employees. This is not the first time that I have been to this location and noticed him being rude and loud to his employees in front of customers, in fact, it's at least the 5th. But this incident, where he was directly rude to a customer is by far the worst.

Nov 16, 2017

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