Panda Express / messed up our order, cussed by management, etc

969 West State Street in American fork, United States

When I spend $56 they do not give me a receipt and when I get home to my orders were messed up we tried to call and see what they can do about this problem and we were told there's nothing they can do without a receipt even though they didn't give us one then the man started cussing at me throwing up f-bombs and said come on in here if you think you're a big guy his name is eric he says he is the shift manager he sounded latino to me I don't want to go back in there cuz the guy might not enjoy it too much but you do not talk to me like that when my kids need to eat and I spent good money on some bs food. The location is959 west state street in american fork once again has said his name was eric would not give me his last name if I don't hear back from you soon well i'll just leave it at that I guess

  • Updated by Ceramic pro 801, Feb 11, 2019

    I am not going to go back in there and waste my time or my gas but this guy needs to be let go immediately or else you have many more customers not satisfied

Feb 11, 2019

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